October 3, 2013


Enterprise video solutions to see positive future

There are a variety of assets that every organization needs to keep their systems running smoothly and ensure ongoing success. These resources make it easy for businesses to share messages, collaborate with remote personnel and ensure that corporate clients are aware of how well entities are doing on a day-to-day basis. They also provide associates with a means of interacting with staff members they might otherwise never have the option to meet with in real life.

One of the easiest ways of handling all of these needs without spending an excessive amount of time or money on endeavors is to invest in enterprise video solutions. These tools make it easy for companies of all kinds to create custom messages they can easily curate and share with employees and third parties alike. What's more, these messages can remain active for years at a time, increasing their return on initial investment by providing ongoing uniform communication to all recipients without spending more to impart these insights.

That's why video assets are becoming so popular among a growing segment of the corporate world. Forecasts for future sales and ongoing purchasing endeavors show that enterprise video solutions are likely to continue to see increasing momentum in terms of business acquisition. These utilities will help firms improve communication capabilities and enhance overall exposure of entities that persist in producing them. With such potential becoming increasingly obvious to users and those who aren't yet using these resources, some research firms are calling for bright futures in terms of video communication resource purchasing.

Telepresence Options wrote that a recent report from Research and Markets showed that there are optimistic outlooks for the video market across the board. The source showed that the Enterprise Video Market Global Advancements Market Forecasts and Analysis gives a vital cross section of the various elements currently comprising the recording landscape. These factors make it easy for entities to hone in on the products and services that will most benefit operations and are likely to earn them maximum return on investment. What's more, predicting how the video market will change in the coming years will help firms anticipate what solutions to invest in heavily so that they can remain on the cutting edge in terms of deployment options and overall variety of services. This will encourage consumers and personnel alike to remain engaged with these services.

Expanding business opportunities
As published by Research and Markets, the report projects a sunny future for investors of video communication. These assets are projected to reach almost $36 billion in value by the end of 2018, an increase of $24 billion from this year's valuation. Such rapid and dramatic expansion is due to an increasing reliance on mobile deployments and employee-owned devices, making it easier for organizations to reach out to their workforce no matter where people are located or what they're doing. What's more, consumers are using these kinds of resources more frequently than ever before, making it vital to maintaining competitive edge that firms know these trends and incorporate them into their business operations.

It's not just consumers and corporate clients using these kinds of video communication assets, either. Research and Markets stated that it's likely recorded messages will infuse themselves into every line of business, including media, government and other areas of private industry. Such proliferation will increase the familiarity of individuals around the world with this kind of technology, helping to make it more popular as a business resource and in people's everyday lives. As understanding and comfort continue to increase, so too is adoption likely to expand.

New network needs
Video platforming will play a critical part in enterprise video solution expansion, as the source stated. Integration of more mobile utilities means that entities will have to change the way their services are stored and accessed, thereby increasing audiences and ensuring that people get the best streaming, downloading and viewing experiences possible. This too will boost the overall video communication market, requiring that entities acquire new software to handle these increased demands.

At the same time, buying new hardware will likely not be an issue. Upgrading resources across the board is always an option, but with the integration of more mobile tools into office and private industry platform requirements, so too are companies automatically gaining access to high-quality video resources. Something as simple as a phone camera is capable of taking HD captures, both still and recorded, that can be added to enterprise video solutions. Finding unique, engaging and personal ways to engineer video content will help promote more quality and custom experiences. This also gives messages a more organic feel, bringing personnel into the recording space and adding real staff to corporate communication.