August 26, 2013


Enterprise video solutions see more cloud flexibility

The world of video communication has been largely influenced by cloud connectivity. Businesses of all kinds are taking notice of how flexible and customizable cloud resources can be. The addition of these digital resources is making them increasingly popular among many corporations, opening doorways to better interaction methods and boosting corporate signal on a variety of initiatives.

Seamless video usage
By integrating video communication and streaming video solutions into cloud-based infrastructure, organizations can spread these messages farther and faster. Tapping into a broad spectrum of corporate users is far easier with a platform that reaches consumers no matter where or when they are. As a recent report from ReportsnReports stated, bring your own device programs and mobility solutions are making it much simpler for firms to reach out to personnel and consumers alike.

The release stated that the enterprise video market is set to take off over the next five years, with more corporations and private investors looking to leverage the combination of cloud and recorded tools. The Enterprise Video Market Report looked at analytics and adoption opportunities among a variety of providers and buyers, including Kontiki, stating that advances in communication platforms and streaming media will help fuel the industry in the coming years. Segmentation of the overall market will make it easy for firms to pick the services that they need in order to increase their video deployment success, as well as allowing vendors to better-cater to the needs of their clients.

Broader business horizons
Streaming Media Online wrote that the power of video communication has helped organizations increase their presence, as well as promote more remote office applications, boost outsourcing and helping manage costs. It also allowed entities to customize business experiences and allow for broader range of motion among workers.

The cloud is having a significant impact on the amount of flexibility corporate video vendors can achieve, as the source stated. The variety of different cloud models available to organizations helps companies choose the enterprise video platform that best works for them in addition to the software tools in digital infrastructure that are most conducive to their way of business. By combining the power of these two assets, organizations can quickly and efficiently establish a meaningful video presence for their operations without spending a lot of money or creating a situation where their services don't match their business goals.