October 7, 2013


Enterprise video solutions help spur better client interest

There are plenty of ways that companies can reach out to target audiences, but not all of these media methods are desirable for achieving the outcomes that organizations need to experience. In those instances, they require resources that are more dynamic and engaging, putting a more solid image of an organization into people's minds and helping them bridge relationship and communication gaps. This has become a key motivator for companies that want to or already have adopted enterprise video solutions.

Video for business delivers a message in a more engaging and personalized manner. These recordings give a tone and presence to a corporate communication, helping make them more human and potentially improving a company's relationship with an individual without ever having to meet with that person. In that manner, enterprise video tools help organizations save money by garnering more interest for the products, services and general corporation they represent through a single financial outlay. This saves firms the time and human resources necessary otherwise to transfer these messages.

Increased corporate reach
Especially for firms running on limited money and employee resources, these types of interactions can help save a huge amount on asset disposition while still helping to get the word out about an organization. By creating a single video for business and then sharing this recording across a dedicated video delivery platform, firms are capable of reaching a much broader audience. On top of that, every viewer then has the capability of further sharing this message with everyone they know, either passing it along by word of mouth of directly sharing the recording itself with their social groups. In this way as well enterprise video solutions are an ideal method of carrying the message of a firm across great distances in terms of human communication.

These capabilities have been a saving grace for many nonprofit organizations, as Enterprise News pointed out. These kinds of entities don't always have the financial or human capital necessary to participate in traditional marketing and advertising campaigns, instead dedicating a vast majority of their resources toward facilitating a business goal. These charitable firms therefore need the assistance of modern technology and other kinds of resources to help them raise awareness and bring in outside donors to support their endeavors.

The source linked to two separate nonprofit organizations' video for business deployments that highlighted powerful messages and compelling content. By focusing on these kinds of messages, nonprofits are able to spark interest in their causes and create motivation among viewers to take action based on the information they deliver. Creating actionable content is often a useful technique that other industries can utilize as well, but in the nonprofit sector, encouraging people to take a stand, make a donation or volunteer for similar work can make all the difference when trying to fuel ongoing projects.

Humanizing organizations
Video for business is quickly becoming a highly regarded technology because it can create these kinds of responses in target audiences. Unlike traditional written communication techniques, videos put a human face on the ideas and call​ outs formulated by organizations. These assets have a greater potential to bring about the effects that companies want to see in their consumer base, their staff members and their investors.

The Herald and Review wrote that the effectiveness of video for business is continuing to expand. These assets serve as a meeting tool that lets corporations connect visually with their viewers, boosting the human presence of a firm and creating more of an idea that the concepts being detailed are what real people believe and strive for. This makes enterprise video especially powerful for nonprofit organizations.