September 21, 2012


Enterprise video should not be approached as a corporate luxury

By Kevin Crayton – VP of Product Management

In an era when businesses are striving to cut costs at every turn, it is easy to identify some emerging solutions as a luxury that you simply can’t afford and don’t want to bother with. This is especially true if that system is an internal communications tool that generally functions as part of an organization’s intranet and can create a number of network challenges. Because of this, it makes sense that you may initially look at enterprise video as a luxury that your business doesn’t want to worry about. But an enterprise video platform presents the ability to deliver a number of key benefits that move it from the stage of a luxury technology to an important tool.

Employee engagement
When video is used for employee engagement, it becomes much more than just a cost burden used to support a secondary system. An effective engagement plan will make workers happier at the office, help them connect to their jobs in a more meaningful way and empower them to operate more efficiently. As a result, they are able to get more done in less time because they are focused and dedicated to the job that has to get done. With a more engaged workforce, productivity rises across an organization and revenues can rise. This creates a considerable ROI from a video deployment, bringing the technology from the role of a luxury intranet solution to a strategic enterprise tool.

Alleviating management burdens
In many organizations, managers end up spending so much time trying to get employees to follow new policies and deal with day-to-day problems that they end up not having time to develop strategic methods to improve operations and develop new revenue creation strategies within the department. A video plan makes it much easier for managers to distribute information in a more meaningful way, while also enabling them to engage their teams to improve productivity. This leaves managers spending less time on tedious day-to-day tasks and more time looking for ways to improve their departments, creating opportunities for growth.

While it can be difficult to get past an initial perception that video is little more than a technological luxury, businesses that view video as a strategic enabler can use the technology to gain real results in terms of productivity, revenues and operational growth. As a result, video is becoming much more than a luxury solution and emerging as a key corporate system.