April 1, 2014


Enterprise video reaches all new social levels

Interacting with target audiences is becoming increasingly easier as companies realize that they have more means than ever before to reach out to the people they want to talk to. The speed and clarity of these options enhance the overall power of corporate messages and generates more receptiveness among those who are intended to receive these recordings, thereby making for a more cohesive representation of a brand and the corporation that backs it. With the help of enterprise video for business purposes, it's becoming increasingly easy to engage with consumers, clients and employees through outlets that are free and simple to implement.

The leader in terms of target audience networking and technology is social media. These lines of communication are familiar to a growing number of Americans and allow for everyone, be they in the organization or a casual shopper, have their voices heard regarding business operations. Such power and prominence of communication in the corporate world is a new but powerful trend in business operations, where consumers may have once felt that their opinions and relationships weren't valued.

Now leaders are going out of their way to ensure that video for business is doing more than transferring the culture and brand of a corporation. These messages are being put to use in ways that help reassure consumers that companies are really interested in what their target consumer base wants.

Handling human resources
The Beaumont Enterprise reported that General Motors is leading the most recent charge to reach out to its clientele through the mixed media of social networks and video communication. The source indicated that CEO Mary Barra recorded custom content for vehicle buyers who may have been impacted by a recent ignition switch recall in a number of GM cars and trucks. The result is a series of five videos targeting the various concerns that clients may have, how GM is handling the issue and resolution for problems that drivers may have encountered.

What's more, Barra's communication reassures some customers that their vehicles are safe, while apologizing to those who are having concerns or questions about how to handle their cars. These recordings are being released via the GM public relations social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, allowing for saturation of message and clarity on how the problems are being taken care of.

At the same time, call center presence is being accelerated to handle client concerns regarding the recall and the subsequent video communication from Barra. This multi-faceted means of crisis management is helping to stymie what might otherwise be a torrent of outrage and fear, turning it instead into an opportunity for the CEO to connect more closely with target audiences.

Boosting the signal
The presence of video communication in the business landscape facilitates faster, simplified interactions between target audiences and corporations that need to reach these individuals. Integrating social media into this scenario furthers the availability and ubiquity of these messages. Investor's Business Daily wrote that posting sites like Facebook and Twitter are going a long way toward improving the visibility of corporate deployments, making sure that all intended viewers have the ability to see and review these important pieces of correspondence.

"Great marketers who are in tune with their audience know which channels to use and which are a waste of resources," marketing manager Kristi Chester told the source.

Creating a social message that handles client concerns and bridges traditional engagement gaps can help strengthen the bonds between customers, employees and clients of a corporation. New technology options expand video communication audiences, improving clarity and ensuring that companies are able to keep concerns and questions under control.