January 31, 2012


Enterprise video rapidly becoming preferred corporate communication medium

The importance of enterprise video as a means of communication in the corporate world continues to grow, according to a report from CBR Online, which added that many companies will face consequent network challenges this year.

Customizing a business' infrastructure to cope with the new demands placed on it by enterprise video is not a simple matter of adding more gear, IBM executive Daniel Rendell told the news source.

"Video is a very unforgiving app when it goes wrong. One bad experience can cause users to give up on it completely. For too many companies the solution is to simply buy more routers, for example. More companies need to be looking at their overall network architecture," he said in an interview.

The coming advent of widespread 4G connectivity for smartphones and tablets should further boost the need for businesses to improve their video capabilities, the publication noted.

Specialized optimization and network adaptation capabilities could provide some much-needed breathing room for firms looking to support robust video capability without a massive infrastructure upgrade, according to experts.