August 22, 2012


Enterprise video programs can help companies go social

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Social media is permeating the enterprise to such an extent that more businesses are considering ways to go social, not just let workers use social media networks in the office. Going social is a complex concept. In the past, it was a problem when workers used personal social media in the workplace. To some extent, that still is an issue. As a result, many businesses have enabled internal corporate social media systems that allow employees to collaborate from within applications or from their mobile devices.

The ability to use social media internally has created a situation in which companies often want to enable even better collaboration by making everything they do more social. Many organizations are thinking about how they train employees and injecting it with a social flair. They are considering their meeting procedures, recruitment, collaboration and other strategies and evaluating ways to allow the ease and casual nature of social media to play an important role in operations. Enterprise video programs that focus on employee engagement can benefit substantially from this movement.

But how do you go about making video more social in nature? The first step is to enable user-generated content. There is no better way to get videos to go viral than to let employees create their own content. Some policies may be needed to ensure everything stays professional, but considering the consumer space is already dominated by video and social media, employees can have a lot of fun creating work-related content.

As workers get more into creating videos, the excitement that surrounds the plan will likely increase, as will the chances of videos going viral. Over time, this creates an environment in which workers use video as a form of social media to improve training, collaboration and other internal processes.

If video is going to go social in your business, it needs to be easy to use. To accomplish that, you not only have to have accessible creation and upload tools, you also have to equip your network to handle the added bandwidth created by many users trying to view content at the same time. If performance deteriorates, the ability to use video in a social way will likely fall apart. As a result, video-specific networking solutions are vital to engaging employees through social-focused content.