April 14, 2014


Enterprise video platforms make inroads into corporate communications

There's an increasing presence and demand for video in the business landscape. This need is driven by the masses of employees and consumers alike who are familiar with this medium and enjoy using it as a means of learning and communication. The only stumbling block many firms face in gaining access to and implementing recordings appropriately in the corporate environment is knowledge of appropriate enterprise video platforms.

The presence of a management system for corporate recordings serves to keep the entirety of video for business archives and current messages easily in line. By creating a solution that does more than just launch files, it's easy to encourage retention, engagement and data security. In an age where information travels farther and faster than ever before, it's critical that corporations have tools in place that can adequately handle all the trials and tribulations that online and in-house operations throw at them.

Increasing presence
The most important aspect of spreading enterprise video solutions is to improve the power and reach of the services that host them. That means integrated platforms, enhanced network options and sharing opportunities facilitated through modern infrastructure that never existed before.

Broadway World wrote that Kontiki is among the leading providers of enterprise video platforms in this areas. According to a recent review from Frost & Sullivan, the organization helps produce assets that greatly assist with creating a smooth integration of video for business into every element of everyday operations. By bridging traditional gaps, corporations can reach more audiences and enjoy greater returns on video investments.

The source added that there are great financial benefits to be had by adding remote options and scalable infrastructure. This is much easier with a dedicated enterprise video platform, as this system can secure, schedule and manage how information is disseminated across a network. Such activities also assist corporations with data gathering and business analytics, tracking how messages are downloaded, streamed, viewed and otherwise shared.

"Enterprise Video Platforms, such as the Kontiki Enterprise Video Suite, can help organizations reach economies of scale, overcome infrastructure limitations and ultimately enable pervasive video," Broadway World quoted Frost & Sullivan senior global director of digital media, Mukul Krishna.

Opportunities for openness
As the variety and flexibility of enterprise video platforms grow, so too do organizations find new ways of engaging with target audiences and ensuring that all their employees are onboard with these ideas. Much of the ongoing success these days from video for business comes from the fact that corporations can take advantage of public outlets as well as their own internal options, creating a boundless business landscape that spreads recordings to people everywhere. Such ambitions are becoming easier to imagine thanks to mobile devices, cloud computing and social outlets.

Entrepreneur created an infographic showing the levels of popularity and pervasiveness that different enterprise video platforms have to offer. These volumes apply to both personal and corporate option, allowing users to easily interact with one another and share information. Despite that propinquity in terms of data, there are still considerable safety measures in place regarding enterprise video solutions, making this an appealing opportunity for modern businesses of all kinds.

The source that people spend billions of hours a year watching video communications online and on mobile devices with a host of different services. These specialized services include shorter messages for rapid consumption, such as Vine and Twitter, as well as more substantial offerings from sites like YouTube and Vimeo. With such high usership and the ability to engage a broad range of viewers, leaders should note that placing video for business in arenas that people prefer can help increase acceptance of deployments and boost communication throughout the organization.