May 29, 2012


Enterprise video plans could give businesses a recruiting edge

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

During a recent panel discussion pertaining to the changing roles of CIOs in light of consumerization, industry experts explained that internal technology is becoming a part of a company’s brand identity, affecting how it appears to those on the outside.

The conversation took place at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, where Rob Stefanic, CIO of Sensata Technology, and Scott Penberthy, managing director for technology at accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, explained how consumerization is pushing CIOs to consider technology as part of a business’ identity, CIO magazine reported.

Stefanic, who works in a college recruiting role as part of his job at Sensate, explained that individuals come into interviews asking what kinds of technologies the company uses. Penberthy discussed a similar view, saying that technology decisions are affecting how people view corporations, according to the report.

These statements say a great deal about how technology has evolved in the enterprise. The corporate IT world is no longer a place where IT is in control, telling employees what they will use and how to use it. Instead, employees are excited about what technology can do for their work efforts and gauging the options offered by organizations as a competitive consideration.

Because of this trend, businesses can actually begin to use advanced IT functionality as a tool to attract top recruits. For example, having a robust enterprise video plan that engages workers and encourages employee-created content can help a company set itself apart from the competition, not just by supporting productivity goals, but by making the office a more exciting and enjoyable place to work that is attractive to the best talent in the industry.

Essentially, IT is no longer just about facilitating corporate operations; it is about putting the business in the best position possible to succeed. While technology has always been used to give organizations a competitive advantage over their peers, the advent of cloud computing, video platforms and mobile devices has made technology more important. These emerging solutions help the average worker connect to the corporate IT tools at their disposal and often lead to the integration of personal and work technology. This makes employees more comfortable and engaged with their work environments. Businesses that use video and other consumer-like enterprise IT systems can leverage the technology to make the office a better place to work and, therefore, a more attractive venue for potential recruits.