August 21, 2014


Enterprise video market to hit new heights by 2020

Investing in new technologies is sometimes a risky proposition, but enterprise video solutions have a strong history and a bright future with which to encourage corporate adoption. Businesses have readily added all sorts of IT tools that support recorded content, yet not all of them have struck out into a business environment where they can adequately incorporate video into their operations. This is likely to change as more corporations see the value that recorded content can offer.

Finding value
As a report from MicroMarket Monitor showed, enterprise video communication assets are likely to spike in value over the coming years. The firm forecast that streaming media and other valued services should increase at a compound annual growth rate of almost 26 percent by 2018. That puts video for business at about $36 billion in net worth.

This leap in investment reinforces the idea that video communication is an ideal means of improving operations. Considering the range of service options that business systems can access using enterprise video solutions, it's easy to see why these infrastructure tools would want to make access of the recorded network available through integration of recorded data.

Some of these most important areas, according to MicroMarket's research, include:

  • Business intelligence
  • Improved surveillance
  • Enhanced security
  • Cloud and mobile integration
  • Ease of access

By tapping into these kinds of enterprise assets, it's much easier for organizations to ensure that they're getting the best possible return on investment for their corporate tools and services. The global market is showing extreme interest in these video assets. That might mean that markets of all kinds are likely to grow in the coming few years with the help of enhanced visibility and superior interaction capabilities. These facts alone should spur organizations looking to make a name for themselves to jump at the chance video for business offers.

Making measured momentum
A critical aspect of making any kind of enterprise solution work best for business operations is to ensure that it is in line with what corporations want to see in their financial, corporate and personal landscape. So even while IT options may make leaping into video communication an exciting option, there's still a need to gain more understanding of the goals, acquisitions and effort associated with this technology.

With that in mind, it's important that organizations understand not only what is happening to these target areas, but why they're occurring. To do that, as MarketsandMarkets pointed out, it's necessary to know who is acquiring video for business.

The firm's most recent report on market standings and potential growth shows that some sectors are making bigger investments and more rapid movement in the the enterprise video solution environment than others.

Among the leaders are:

  • Educational and academic
  • Government
    • Local
    • State
    • Federal
  • Media and entertainment

Monitoring trends
So once companies know who's going to invest in enterprise video solutions, they need to also know where these firms are going with their recording and deployment strategies. Most of these organizations will be driving for better content creation and enhanced conferencing assets, as well as better security and connectivity options. MarketsnMarkets added that video communication will promote all of these factors easily, as copyright and digital ownership, as well as the format of content, makes it harder to steal.

By keeping in touch with what customers and employees like to do and what tools they usually use for enterprise interaction, it's easy to ensure that firms are always making progress toward increasing their overall presence. This also extends to corporate culture and the total value of relationship management in the professional landscape.

Taking shape
The pressure to outpace the competition is real and drives companies to take all sorts of risks. Still, by paying attention to important market factors now, it's easy for organizations to take advantage of the situation and beat out the competition.

After all, MarketsnMarkets showed that the extreme expansion of video for business will take until 2019 to hit its peak. MicroMarket gave a similar timeframe, looking to 2018 as a high point for enterprise video solutions. While these areas are likely to keep growing after that point, this gives companies a good point for strategizing and planning for long-term corporate success.

As Reports and Reports stated, knowing what the competition is doing is the first step to gaining the upper hand in the business environment. By staying one step ahead of other corporations, anticipating their moves and providing better services to their customers, it's easy for entities to drive off others in their market and create a stronghold of customers and retention, all by using a clear and concise video communication asset.