January 17, 2012


Enterprise video going beyond collaboration

Communication tools that enable videoconferencing and other similar capabilities are not the only way that businesses are investing in video technologies. According to a recent Business Standard report, the workplace is changing into a more flexible, engaged place, and video is among the key technologies enabling this shift.

Organizations are deploying video solutions to distribute content to workers, handle interviews with prospective employees, train workers and provide remote services, the report said. This represents a major shift from video primarily as a communications tool, and shows the overall move toward engagement in the workplace.

The news source explained that enterprise employees are increasingly connecting to the internet from a diverse range of locations and through a wide array of devices. Video is growing along with this trend, as the medium is becoming an ideal way to distribute content and enable productivity in flexible operational settings.

Depending on video to such an extent can create some challenges to the communications infrastructure. However, finding the right content delivery network solution can limit video's impact on bandwidth and help ensure the infrastructure performs well when distributing video content to end users.