February 14, 2012


Enterprise video cannot be overlooked

Video for business is a trend that cannot be ignored. It creates plenty of operational problems when it comes to the network, but those are generally related to how data is distributed and can be resolved with advanced business streaming services and other video-specific tools.

The effects of not using video, however, are much more difficult to solve. Communicating internally through video messages can be far more effective than written memos, handbook amendments and emails, as the video content is inherently more approachable and understandable.

The reasons for this are simple; video allows the employee to use vocal tone, body language and other key techniques to get the subtleties of a message across in a way that is difficult to accomplish with other forms of communication.

Furthermore, a growing number of people are simply becoming more comfortable and accustomed to watching video through the internet and mobile devices. Because of this, companies that deliver high-quality video content can engage workers in a more meaningful way. This not only pays off in terms of productivity, but also in recruitment and employee retention.