May 5, 2014


Enterprise streaming media to continue making an impact

Creating connectivity options is the greatest way for businesses to ensure that all of their assets are effectively reachable and received by all target audiences. Facilitating this level of interaction and quality engagement is becoming increasingly difficult as more network options become available to corporations of all kinds. The level of industry involvement in enterprise video communication options is making it simultaneously easier and more convoluted for corporations to increase the effectiveness of business interactive and collaborative options.

Targeting sources
The number of consumers using enterprise video portals and other solutions is on the rise, as many organizations are starting to notice. This may seem like an inconsequential metric to organizations interested in increasing the prevalence and acceptance of business recordings, but the thing is, the people who work for a corporation and the main corporate officials these messages target are consumers when they're not at the office.

It's important to focus on who the people behind the personnel label really are or corporations may not come up with the best options for the people involved. Enterprise video streaming and corporate engagement is making it easier for corporations to ensure that their resources are reaching the right people at all times.

According to CNN, businesses should be aware of how vast the streaming media audience presently is. The source showed that roughly 7.6 million American households currently use some sort of video communication as opposed to live media or broadcast options. On top of that, more than two-thirds of younger residents are interested in ways to download assets to their personal devices, thereby taking essential messages with them wherever they go and maintaining the ability to engage with audiences no matter where the are.

Increasing effectiveness
On top of the general reach these options are meant to span, the kinds of technology supporting enterprise video solutions are helping to increase the overall presence of video communication in the corporate realm.

The different assets available to consumer audiences and corporate resources need to be considered when dealing with different types of enterprise communication. As CNN stated, there are already a number of businesses involved in hosting video for business and fostering fluid interactions between corporations and target audiences. By focusing on these channels, it's easy to ensure that there are methods of interaction between the individuals organizations want to see this content and methods of receiving feedback from these groups.

Some of the key issues effecting enterprise video solutions include:

  • The presence of mobile assets
  • Flexibility of bring your own device programs
  • Allowances for new technology
  • Integration of advanced communication systems
  • Combining BYOD with cloud
  • Always online file and network distribution

A report from Frost and Sullivan showed that enterprise streaming media will continue to make significant inroads in these areas and more in the coming years. There's a vast potential for improvement on corporate video communication thanks to the growing presence of corporate assets in the recorded realm, and as the recent release showed, firms are finding new ways all the time to enhance these existing and emerging advantages.

Improving operations
There's a growing momentum toward resources like bring your own device options and portable solutions that help personnel and consumer audiences access video communication. Streaming Media Online showed that the report from Frost and Sullivan showed that the value of enterprise video solutions is likely to reach about $522 million by 2019, roughly doubling the present value of these resources. Much of the improvement in this realm is due to a combination of better throughput opportunities and reduced acquisition outlets due to employee-owned devices.

Continuing to combine consumer and internal audiences allows corporations and outside partners come up with options that enhance the overall efficiency of video communication. Combining streaming outlets and corporate assets helps businesses enhance the effectiveness of enterprise resources while also ensuring that there are means of improving the reach and breadth of video communication.

The source noted that some recorded assets are already making a significant impact on target audiences thanks to the presence of enhanced engagement options that are facilitated through technological advancements. Better implementation of corporate assets and improved delivery options help organizations ensure that their resources are functioning in such a way that businesses are able to improve their overall functionality. More video communication and enhanced focus on the recipients involved in the corporate life cycle helps ensure strong connections between target audiences and issuing organizations.

Presenting a solid means of engaging audiences and creating solid video communication networks ensures that corporations are prepared for the vast and intricate array of challenges before them in terms of interacting with and retaining target audiences. Whether these groups are consumers, consultants, stakeholders or internal personnel, the need for enhanced enterprise video solutions is just as vital to overall business success.