May 19, 2014


Enterprise streaming media makes for better business interactions

Creating a positive landscape in which corporations can flourish requires that organizations have the tools they need and can implement them effectively. Video for business offers entities the opportunity to properly interact with employees through integrated option that generate better visibility and comprehension than traditional resources.

There are new resources becoming available all the time that can help improve the effectiveness of video communication. Businesses need to be aware of these resources and enhance their resources so that their personnel are constantly able to tap into the most effective and fluid corporate opportunities.

One of the most influential of these modern video resources is enterprise streaming media.

Managing messages
According to TechTarget, the ability to stream information and view recordings whenever they need them makes viewers more likely to engage with these recordings. What's more, the prevalent form of media interaction these days is shifting away from live broadcasting to streaming resources for personal and corporate usage.

The source pointed out that public offerings like YouTube are setting the tone in the broadest audience for how people prefer to engage with recorded content. The visibility and popularity of this platform is having a significant impact on what enterprise streaming providers want to offer, as private consumers of this kind of content are also the individuals working with this content in the business landscape.

Some of the benefits enterprise streaming media offer include:

  • Video management
  • Content curation
  • Viewership tracking and data analytics
  • Editing recordings while live and available to target audiences
  • Search options within a rich index of recordings
  • Record and stream with the same video for business tool

Cultivating corporate presence
Enterprise streaming media platforms allow corporations to quickly and efficiently manage a large volume of content in a way that helps promote a cohesive business experience. The popularity of corporate recordings in the streaming and management capacity is helping businesses to enhance the reach of their goals and become more successful with creating a consistent corporate message.

"It's about organizing and curating video content for placement down the road on a company website, or for internal employees to view later," explained Frost and Sullivan analyst Rob Arnold.

Offering multiple outlets for businesses to increase their visibility and communications options are ideal opportunities for any company that is looking for a leg up on the competition. As TechTarget wrote, newer enterprise streaming video solutions allow for creation, curation and management of various recorded resources. The presentation of these assets is controlled either through general cloud deployments or intranet options, allowing corporations to increase control and consistency in the business content landscape.

Enterprise streaming video helps companies manage their information on the back end as opposed to having to manually manipulate every recording in a live environment. In other words, those in charge of recorded content can update and change details regarding video communication without having to take down or shut off access to content. This facilitates ease of access and seamless presentation that makes businesses seem more professional and efficient.

What's more, by ensuring that there is constant access to enterprise streaming media, corporations are always within reach of their employees. This level of interaction ensures that there's plenty of opportunities to connect with workforce. TechTarget also mentioned that there are simultaneous protections and ease of access to recording, allowing for specific permission to various content. This allows companies to protect their information while always offering the right options to people whenever they need them.

Gaging uptake
Though these enterprise streaming solutions offer a significant benefit to live content and corporate functionality, it's taken a while for businesses to catch on to the usefulness and ease of operation these types of tools provide. AV Network reported that the pace of adoption is picking up recently, as more organizations recognize the value that streaming content has to offer.

The source showed that a study from Wainhouse Research highlighted a 20 percent rise in the use of streaming content and devices used in the creation of these recordings. What's more, there's a greater amount of public interest and knowledge of these solutions, making it easy for enterprise streaming media to catch on with enterprise providers.

Much of the success of recent enhancements to information and message usage is based on the addition of new kinds of technology. AV Network reported that there's more influence from mobile assets like smartphones and tablets, as well as an increased reliance on cloud and global network opportunities.

Planting the seed in these environments allows employees to become dependent on streaming media in these landscapes, making it easier down the road when video communication takes off and businesses decide to rely more heavily on recorded content. Implementing flexible and comprehensive options like streaming video for business ensures that companies will also be able to keep up with tech change as they take place in the years to come.