April 21, 2014


Enterprise streaming media continues to generate video communication success

Getting the best in enterprise video delivery, communication, networking and manipulation allows corporations to increase the efficiency of organizations and ensures that these businesses are seeing the greatest levels of success thanks to the flexibility of their corporate recordings. The presence of video for business in the enterprise landscape allows firms to constantly recycle their messages, enhance oversight and promote a unified impression of corporate goals and culture throughout target audiences, whether these arenas are internal or among the general public.

Growing network options
The need for enterprise video solutions is on the rise as firms see the value in these kinds of technological deployments. With more visibility in the corporate sphere and enhanced oversight in terms of recording success and business insight, there are better opportunities for companies to enhance how their video options are generated, moderated and distributed.

According to a report from Frost and Sullivan, the growth of the enterprise video solution landscape is evolving in ways that make for more dramatic sharing of corporate content. The firm pointed toward new video systems from Kontiki that are enhancing the overall amount of passive and pervasive content created by companies using enterprise video platforms, sharing along dynamic lines and generating feedback for business resources.

The push behind new corporate recording content focuses on the presence of single-source providers and drivers of enterprise messages through the business litmus. These assets look for united enterprise video platforms that generate metrics, monitor analytics and ensure the streaming process is as seamless as possible.

Some of the greatest benefits delivered through the use of connected, mainstream video communication include:

  • Video monitoring, inventory and maintenance
  • Scalable infrastructure and online storage
  • Reporting on viewership and secure distribution
  • Scheduling for streaming content, regular dispersion and network oversight

Taking advantage of all the benefits that streaming enterprise media has to offer requires that companies have access to management and maintenance of network options. Kontiki delivers on these demands, allowing companies to ensure that their messages are being watched and reinforcing the ideas that their enterprise deployments try to convey.

Along that line of thought comes the presence of high-priority corporate resources that allow businesses to facilitate rapid communication and video for business opportunities. These services enlist the assistance of corporate network options in the race to generate superior viewership for enterprise deployments. What's more, by creating a dedicated network for sending, receiving and overseeing the management of videos, it's easy for companies to ensure that they're meeting storage demands.

Inventory opportunities
The requirements for storing and controlling enterprise streaming media assets continue to increase as companies find their files are much larger than ever before and the number of these resources is much higher as well. That's where scalability and metric oversight are proving most valuable.

Streaming Media Online wrote that a similar report from Frost and Sullivan showed that companies are pushing for greater implementation and resourcefulness among enterprise streaming and management options. The ambition behind these operations is the idea that companies are considering the greatest degree of flexibility while also looking for ways to promote more market growth, ensuring broader audiences and superior return on investment for video for business than ever before.

According to the source, the revenue for enterprise video solutions each organization can earn will grow from the current value of roughly $219 million to about $552 million by 2019. That's more than double the present worth in the next 5 years, with greater streaming and networking options making these kinds of revenue returns more readily available.

Linking lineages
The presence of superior connectivity and video communication assets is making it much easier for corporations to increase the presence of their correspondence and interactive options in the coming years. More commercial industries are apprising themselves of important updates to their video communication options in the coming years as they seek out new methods of improving their business assets.

Time Magazine reported that there are increasing demands among commercial entities for improving the connectivity and flow of business video communication needs. Looking at video rankings and business success linked to enterprise recording assets allows firms to identify areas in which their operations are in need of updates or better connectivity options.

The source stated that some public entities, specifically Netflix, are seeing better returns for their enterprise streaming media opportunities as they seek out new methods and deals with network resources for providing superior throughput options. Time Magazine pointed out that Netflix has seen better delivery opportunities through some carriers as compared to others, causing the firm to favor these networks over others. Corporate video for business needs to consider the same decision processes, as creating a means of linking to consumers should focus on the lines of interaction that are easiest for businesses and target audiences to access.