September 13, 2013


Engaging employees through video content delivery

Research and experience show that companies work better when they’re internally on the same page. Keeping everyone in the know and making the workplace more like a community keeps everybody informed and increases production. While some companies are more focused on engaging their customers, some are looking to equally engage their employees.

Business2Community recently posted an article on ways to engage employees, praising the desirable effects of little things that can be done around the office. The source stressed the importance of CEOs getting on the floor and talking to individual employees, or of delegating that responsibility to someone naturally more personable. Small touch strategies like these are said to help motivate a company’s team and to push the individual’s goals to be more in line with those of the company.

As the demand for enterprise video content is on the rise, it might behoove companies to take note of its increasing popularity and lauded effectiveness. To be sure, a CEO walking around and talking to employees would boost morale and help the boss get to know his team, but it would also be time-consuming. What about a CEO delivering a message to the staff via video? What better to delegate to than the most engaging form of media available?

“The ease of production, distribution and access means that enterprise video is becoming a preferred option for training, internal communications, and sales enablement,” David Boyll, director of digital media at Oracle, recently told Streaming Media.

The quality and increasing affordability of video technology is allowing companies to easily use videos for business. By communicating directly with employees in a tight, well thought-out and engaging video, companies can transmit ideas to a scattered audience of employees simultaneously. Also, these videos can be accessed by computer or mobile device and watched more than once to further ensure that their message has been grasped.