December 31, 2014


Employee satisfaction in federal agencies

There are many different ways to keep the right employees engaged and satisfied with their work. It is imperative that employers hire people who have a true interest in their subject of work. Salaries must also properly compensate employees for their skills and hours served. Business  and agency leaders need to consistently find new ways to inspire employees to keep pushing forward. Bonuses, promotions, benefits and a wide range of other incentives could be useful for this purpose.

Meanwhile, recent technological advances have developed the concept of the digital workplace. Through greater commitments to cloud computing, internal social networks and alternative communication methods, offices are adapting to the times. In turn, employees are more engaged with their work and the general atmosphere of the office.

By serving as a visual component for messaging, training and information sharing, video has become a key part of the digital workplace. As more companies and agencies adopt modern technologies in the workplace, the regular implementation of video will become more frequent.

Federal government jobs show progress with morale
The latest release of the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government list indicated that 43 percent of federal agencies engage employees and improve morale, according to The Washington Post.

The U.S. Department of Labor jumped from 17th place to number 10 on the list of 19 agencies. It improved in all 10 categories analyzed, such as pay, rewards and advancement, leadership, teamwork and training. While the gains are worth celebrating, further implementation of video could be a worthwhile strategy to help the department reach an even higher spot on the list.

“We are learning that improving employee satisfaction and engagement is not a linear or a perfect process,” Seema Nanda, the department’s deputy chief of staff, told the publication. “We have made some mistakes along the way, and we realize that a culture change does not happen overnight, but we intend to keep working at it.”

Federal managers express concerns about employee engagement
The Federal Managers Association has become increasingly concerned about employee engagement in the federal workforce, according to Fed Week. At a recent meeting of the National Council on Federal Labor Management Relations, the FMA expressed this sentiment in response to the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

“Employee engagement improves productivity and customer services, reduces turnover and workplace accidents and increases profitability in the private sector. However, in order for employee engagement to be successful…leadership needs to set the tone,” the FMA noted.