January 16, 2013


Dodge County Courts improve operations with video tools

Dodge County, Wisconsin, Circuit Court Judge John Storck recently saw his suggestions come to life, as the county court system recently implemented video webcasting tools to improve security and efficiency. Storck made the suggestions after realizing what a hassle it was for the county jail to transport inmates and guards to and from the courthouse every day, both from safety and scheduling standpoints.

“When we needed to see six inmates in court we needed three guards to accompany them,” Judge Storck told the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen. “When we needed to see one inmate we needed one guard. The number of inmates we saw daily changed and so there was a problem of how to plan for the number of guards needed.”

The court implemented a video solution 15 years ago to improve the systembut recently updated it with an enhanced video communications platform that improved it in numerous levels and added multiple jails throughout the state to the system.

Courthouses aren’t the only facilities that can benefit from improved enterprise video platforms. Any business can invest in video content delivery to decreasecommunication costs and encourage a better flow of information. While businesses may not need to enhance security, improving meetings through video streaming is always a bonus.

Video enables a company to reduce distraction and workflow interruptions by making meeting and general work information available in a convenient and accessible format that employees can view immediatelyor download to watch later. This ensures that the information is still accessed,but productivity will notsuffer as a result of ill-timed meetings or other unfortunate side effects.