July 30, 2012


Developing good partnerships integral to video success

Developing an effective enterprise video system requires a combination of a variety of solutions. You need a core enterprise video platform where content will be housed and distributed, networking systems that support effective delivery, operational policies that support strategic goals and content creation tools. Combining these diverse requirements to gain the full benefits of a video program can be extremely difficult, but the entire process is simplified when organizations find the right partners to support their plans.

Choosing the right partner or partners for a video plan is key to finding success. But developing an effective business relationship with service vendors can be difficult. There are, however, a few key attributes of a provider that can put companies on the right track when selecting a vendor.

Technological prowess

In video, especially the networking side of operations, not all solutions are created equally. The diverse performance capabilities and benefits of video delivery solutions are substantial from one platform to another, as most are designed to support specific operational requirements. As a result, choosing a vendor whose technological capabilities match your company's needs is absolutely essential to finding success. Ideally, the right service provider will offer a full stable of solutions, ranging from enterprise content delivery networks to cloud-based video tools, enabling you to fully align your plan to the specific needs of your workers and processes.


Whenever you are choosing a technology service provider, it is vital that the vendor is flexible enough to collaborate with you and ensure the final solution is fine-tuned to your requirements. If you get a service provider that simply sells you a solution, installs it and leaves you to make sure it works well with only limited support, you could end up with operational problems. In all likelihood, you want a vendor that will work with you to customize the solution and tailor it to your requirements during the installation process and on an ongoing basis, especially when dealing with video deployments.

Deploying an enterprise video solution can be a challenging and intimidating process. As a result, businesses gain considerably when they find a service provider that can not only meet their technological needs, but also develop a collaborative relationship to optimize the solution. The right partnership can help ensure the ongoing success of enterprise video programs.