February 8, 2012


Dental school showcases video’s potential in the enterprise

Students at the Miami-based Sclar Center for Empowered Dental Learning are able to access a video streaming service that allows them to watch oral surgeries and lessons about the procedures, DentistryIQ reported.

According to the news source, the process is set up so that a live stream records an oral surgery in process, allowing students watching from another location to ask questions and offer observations. The physician performs the surgery, then uses the video solution to answer the questions. Students then practice on mannequins using techniques learned through the video service.

These videos are also available to students through the library for the duration of their enrollment, the report said.

Similar processes are becoming more prevalent in business settings. For example, enterprise video solutions that support employee training are emerging as popular options. Through these tools, managers can show new workers how to complete complex process in video once, deal with frequently asked questions and have that content available for new workers, streamlining training and freeing managers to perform other tasks.

While these solutions are becoming more prominent, businesses need to consider customizing their network setups for video if they want to stream content without disruptions.