July 8, 2014


Creating a confident future with enterprise video solutions

Market success is partially dictated by internal factors, while others are reliant on enterprise elements like financial wellness of a whole industry. Anticipating these issues and building a more durable corporate experience is the best way to be certain that a company can weather any adversities the market can create. Whether it’s a retail environment, a regional call center, a private practice or a major corporation, having the right networking and engagement solutions can mean the difference between a robust corporate landscape and one that flounders every time industry aspects fluctuate.

Planning ahead
The presence of enterprise video solutions in the corporate landscape can help provide the stability that business need in order to rest assured that their operations will stay in line with best corporate trends. The future of business operations requires that these firms have access to tools that generate return on investment now in terms of drawing in more consumers and employee engagement. These same assets also need to provide a means of consistency and ongoing savings.

Video for business offers all of these things. Some of the positive opportunities provided by enterprise recordings include:

  • Standing archives of enterprise solutions
  • Renewable messages for consistent onboarding
  • Unified training and product messages
  • Ease of access to essential training and coaching options
  • Endpoint management and dedicated systems

“The dedicated systems market continues to struggle as companies look for more cost-effective video solutions,” said Matthias Machowinski in an Enterprise Networking Planet report. He added that a recent Infonetic study showed that, while video for business was down last quarter, 2014 is proving to be a positive year-over-year enterprise investment.

Finding value
With the right video communication plan, it’s also essential for companies to come up with a solid understanding of why these resources are valuable. Having a good idea of what corporate assets are worth will help firms make sound investments even in difficult financial times.

This kind of mentality is what’s helping improve video for business presence. The Infonetics report stated that traditional desktop communications aren’t doing that well, but Software-as-a-Service is on the rise in terms of investment and market stability. With that in mind, it might be wise for firms to also consider what kinds of technology are best able to facilitate long-term return on investment.

Managing market options
Not only does the kind of content a company creates important for enterprise success even in the most dire of market environments, there’s an increasing importance regarding how these resources are offered. As the Infonetics review showed, the kind of platform on which an organization’s information resides is just as important as the message within these recordings themselves.

Apart from the Software-as-a-Service landscape, which often taps into the cloud computing landscape, there’s also a lot of presence for mobile devices and multi-room presences regarding video communication availability. These kinds of options make these tools more viable for everyday use and diverse on-the-go operations.

Different segments of the market are influenced by various corporate audiences. Understanding these different outlets and their impacts on video communication platforms, usability and other input options provides significant feedback regarding the success or failure of enterprise opportunities, whether in good times or in bad.

Making more impacts
One of the most important factors weighing on how well these organizational deployments fair is whether they are able to create any significant connections with viewers. The human element is one of the things in corporate engagement that can’t be faked. As Brookings Online stated, the digital divide may pose a major barrier as well as a significant point for overcoming emerging enterprise landscape expansion.

As more companies move to mobile solutions and remote workforce settings, it’s increasingly difficult to get everyone together in a way that allows for face-to-face meetings. This is the most substantial positive options offered by video for business. As the source noted, a Dasan 120 study showed the value of visual impacts on overall shopper satisfaction leapt from about 42 percent in 2006 to nearly 96 percent in 2012.

Addressing expanding options
While businesses may find their resources are more available to consumers and employees alike when operating in a digital landscape, they lose out on the personality and customer relationship management offered by face-to-face interactions. Enterprise video solutions help overcome this concern by offering a human face and voice to traditional corporate messages. Improving presence and personality makes it easy for companies to increase public image and corporate understanding while still saving money.

What’s more, the value of these communications doesn’t drop during tough market environments. If anything, these kinds of messages provide consumers, investors and other clients with a positive presence from the firm in question even when other market factors are declining. The complex nature of human interactions and ongoing quests for better engagement means that video for business can offer better support for operations, even when times are tough.