May 16, 2013


Corporate video helps outline business initiatives

Companies know that they need unified methods of imparting information on personnel so that they can better serve clients. This requires a concise, easy-to-understand enterprise video resource that can get all the essential information into one recording, thus allowing firms to spread the same verbal and visual message to everyone in the organization in a cost-effective way. Businesses that make the best use of these kinds of assets can experience much better employee engagement figures and improved sales reports, since providing employees with all the information they need to get motivated and do their jobs right will make them more capable and confident in themselves and their employers.

That’s the kind of response that Orriant is hoping to achieve from its recent corporate video launch. My San Antonio wrote that the the healthcare firm’s business video aims at providing information on how Orriant’s offerings can help corporate clients cut costs on their healthcare plans for employees and ways in which the entity’s offerings are better than the competition. While the recording is viewable by the general public, the idea behind the recording is to boost visibility and internal communication, identifying the best aspects of Orriant’s resources and making the details of these products and services clear to personnel.

Energy and entertainment
The source described the recording as an animated, high-energy recording that shows personnel how Orriant’s options work and why customers find them appealing. Targeting these kinds of messages gives sales staff a way of learning all the best selling points of a product or service right from the start, so when relating this information to customers, they’ll be able to get all the major talking points down without missing any of them. Instead of handing staff members a stack of specs regarding a new offering, the video shows and tells employees everything in a way that makes the message memorable and gives personnel an easier method for recalling data later.

Lastly, My San Antonio highlighted the fact that Orriant’s enterprise video resource is more than just informative – it’s also entertaining. By making the video deployment fun and engaging, businesses increase the likelihood that personnel will pay closer attention throughout the recording. What’s more, they stand a better chance of remembering what they’ve watched afterward if they actually liked seeing the video. Creating internal communication resources like Orriant’s should be the goal for any firm looking to get involved in crafting custom recording content.