October 31, 2012


Consumer video trends, once again, point back to enterprise issues

In most cases, the consumer and enterprise sectors are so vastly different that there are few comparisons to make. But the consumerization of IT is changing this dynamic, making it more important for businesses to consider consumer trends when planning their technological investments. This is especially true in the area of video, where the voracious viewing tendencies of consumers are mirrored in the enterprise.

According to a recent NPR report, many consumers are experiencing bandwidth-related frustration when they try to watch videos online. While this is by no means revolutionary, the news source explained that this frustration often comes after individuals have already begun to try and watch video and been met with performance-related barriers.

This kind of issue is extremely common within enterprise video programs. Workers expect to be able to walk into the office with their smartphone and watch a video replay of a meeting while they get their morning cup of coffee. For IT to tell them that there isn’t enough bandwidth on the Wi-Fi doesn’t solve the issue because workers will keep trying until they get so frustrated that they give up on video.

When developing an enterprise video platform, CIOs have to realize that they cannot get away with treating video like any other business technology. While you can force employees to view content just like you may force them to use a specific application, the benefits of the program are minimized when that happens. Instead, it is better to treat employees like consumers and realize that if they don’t like how something works, they may stop using it. As a result, it is vital to proactively make strategic network upgrades and other content delivery improvements to support an enterprise video program.