August 1, 2013


Cloud and video communication create more interactive options for business

There are an increasing number of business sectors making use of enterprise video solutions. These organizations see the value in cheap, efficient collaborative resources that allow for rapid sharing of important ideas and concepts. Video communication outlets provide personnel of all kinds with the opportunity to learn important skills, brush up on product details or discover new information about the companies they work for. Such revelations are available to all employees or only those that need them, depending on what organizations want.

Not only does this present a unique opportunity for companies to create custom training and career planning options for each employee, it also allows for better interaction with clients, consumers and other corporations. Depending on the scope of the owning organization and the needs of its customers, employees and other partners, businesses can make their enterprise video portals as accessible or private as they prefer.

Better interactive options
In some cases, though, putting video communication tools at the disposal of professionals allows them to make better connections and boost relationships with clients. This makes it easy for firms to rely on these customers in the future for investments and revenue, as well as building valuable references and more human marketing resources than simply pitching products to a potential partner.

Baseline Magazine wrote that organizations are making a push for video communication resources as part of everyday practice, and integrating these solutions into the fabric of how companies carry out their regular operations. The need for better collaboration is getting a boost from better networking capabilities, such as faster broadband speeds and availability of cloud hosting, and as enterprise video portals become more widespread, other firms are rushing to acquire these tools themselves in order to keep up with the competition.

Gaining more ground
As lines of communication improve, so too do the opportunities for organization to take advantage of them in different ways. The source pointed out that there are ever-growing Internet capabilities and cloud options that are making video options more desirable all the time. Streaming business recordings is fast and easy, and compared to older deployments, it now runs more smoothly and reliably than ever before. Video tools also provide a heightened depth of comprehension and richness of insight that written tools can’t convey. Considering the cost savings and ongoing availability of these messages once they’re put online, businesses of all kinds have seen the advantage in deploying enterprise video solutions and taken it. The amount of online video content has increased dramatically over the last few years because of these factors.

“The dynamics of business are undergoing significant change,” said David Nichols of Ernst and Young. As connectivity tools become more accessible, affordable and convenient, businesses of all kinds are wasting no time putting better resources to work in their interest.

Cloud enhancements boost businesses
The success of modern video communication resources is in part due to the overall content of these messages, as personnel find value and engage with these recordings. On the other hand, the network responsible for delivering these recordings is also important. Organizations need to deploy the right resources to support enterprise video solutions, as well as purchasing access to storage and management assets that create the most flexibility in how businesses deliver these resources.

ITWeb stated that the cloud has played an integral part in the way streaming enterprise video and other communication tools move. Accessibility and high throughput make cloud storage and hosting ideal options for companies that need to reduce latency and encourage more viewability of their resources. The source wrote that companies are able to get more value out of their video solutions thanks to the fluidity of the cloud, which allows firms to make even better use of their video portals than ever before.

A video in the hand
Especially with the rising presence of mobile devices in the office, companies need to ensure that they have outlets for video sharing and collaborative communication that benefit personnel no matter where they are. Such power and potential can easily be garnered from video solutions when these assets are placed in the right storage and delivery deployments. Bring-your-own-device plan allow companies to mobilize their workforce in aggressive ways without losing contact with them, putting essential recorded messages, training insights and product information right in their hands.

The cloud has made video communication more valuable to organizations than ever before. Combining different kinds of technology into a single, fluid resource makes it easy for firms to offer their personnel all the tools they need in order to be as effective as possible. Buying into solutions that better assist staff members will help improve engagement and increase return on investment on both hardware and manpower.