April 1, 2013


Changing the face of communication with enterprise video

Businesses are all about getting people to work together and talk about products and ideas that they think will help lead them to the next level of success. This often requires getting people to meet face-to-face with one another, even if they’re far apart.

It can be difficult to arrange such a scenario without using video communication tools, since employees can sometimes be worlds away from one another. However, the integration of video solutions allows people to get together on projects wherever they are. Even in cases where workers may be in the same office, being able to go back and access a presentation that was given at the onset of the project or at the start of new protocols can be vital to progress and continuity, letting them reference earlier iterations of how the project is shaping up.

Business 2 Community stated that people are interacting with one another in a much different way now than they did a few years ago. People can leave personalized visual messages for friends, family and coworkers, significantly reducing the amount of miscommunication involved in these interactions. The source wrote that some experts say that up to 80 percent of a person’s message is centered in non-verbal body and voice cues, making it easy to see how enterprise video solutions could be integral for corporate collaboration.

Adding to the remote resource pool
With more employees than ever connecting remotely, working in multiple offices of the same business or carrying out important cross-company and client meetings without having to travel, the need for visual communication hasn’t changed. The ability to connect with others face-to-face has improved, though, making better interactions more possible all the time. By creating a dedicated corporate video message, this recording can be shared internally across many channels at once.

Business Day wrote that the rise of cloud computing has helped keep enterprise video platforms at the top of the roster for corporate IT. Adding the speed and connectivity of cloud services has helped increase the reach of tools such as enterprise cloud platforms. Integrating footage into multi-channel solutions is allowing businesses to do more with their custom messages, making these resources more useful and visible than ever before. Putting corporate video messages in the hands of employees can be a strong empowering tool for any organization.

“Companies need to be able to do this to manage video content, and locate and retrieve specific content, such as to include in a presentation,” Andy Brauer, a video connectivity specialist, told Business Day.