May 30, 2012


Businesses have to move quickly in response to video’s rise

Enterprise video is no longer an emerging technological platform; it has arrived. Citing a Network Instruments study performed at the recent Interop 2012 conference, the IT Knowledge Exchange reported that approximately 60 percent of respondents are using some form of video solution in their organizations.

According to the study, 29 percent of corporate network bandwidth is used by video solutions. Furthermore, that number is expected to grow to 40 percent within a year. As a result, businesses have to respond quickly to the need to deliver video content across networks that are often ill-equipped to handle the technology, the report said.

One solution, the news source explained, is to use WAN optimization. This option has become popular among many businesses, but is far from ideal because it simply maximizes how the network uses bandwidth, doing nothing to either add data throughput capacity or dramatically reduce the impact of video on the network. However, WAN optimization can at least improve the performance of other data packets moving through the WAN, making it easier for the organization to build around video.

Turning to the cloud is another option, the report said, as cloud video delivery solutions can help redirect network traffic.

While WAN optimization and cloud computing have the potential to help businesses address their video concerns, there are also more specialized options that can cost-effectively get video through the network without performance issues. Multicasting, for example, sends a video data packet through the WAN just once, then casts it out to multiple users once it has arrived on the office’s WAN. This reduces the amount of bandwidth needed to transmit video in the first place.

Video has considerable potential in the enterprise, but making the right network upgrades is key to unlocking its full potential.