August 1, 2013


Businesses experiencing better connectivity landscapes thanks to video communication

There is an increasing number of methods organizations can use to impact the way they network with other entities. Video communication tools are the ideal way for firms to keep up with their employees, no matter where they are or whatever they’re currently working on. A great range of interactive media has become a reality thanks to the availability of cloud and virtualization technology. These resources allow firms to express a different level of corporate connectivity and continuity than other brands competing in their target audience.

Expanding markets
As more resources become available to these firms, organizations need to realize that they have a potential audience that is growing as rapidly as their technology options. Though the future of integration and collaboration takes many entities toward the cloud, businesses should do their best to remain aware of changing trends and breaking developments in user preferences. When employees migrate toward new resources like mobile devices or multi-screen experiences, firms that want to stay relevant need to know about these developments and follow suit.

Consumer environments are becoming increasingly available in the workplace, making them ideal targets for companies seeking easy advertising, better communication and fluid networking of all personnel. Mobile devices and social media have created a seamless environment between technology and employees, allowing staff members to get tasks done more rapidly and efficiently thanks to the everyday addition of gadgets to regular work requirements. These assets make delivering video communication to personnel much easier, so long as organizations are careful to make their enterprise video portals accessible to smartphones and tablets.

Necessary networking options
Bloomberg wrote that Facebook is already cashing in on this idea. The megalithic social networking provider is endeavoring to offer video hosting capabilities to businesses with pages set up on the site. These provisions would allow firms to put streaming video on their Facebook profiles that can be accessed by the audiences these entities want to target. The market for these video resources is estimated to bring in over $2.5 million each day, so businesses looking for better methods of delivering their recorded information to clients, partners and personnel could see a dramatic rise in usage by making use of this social networking opportunity.

As the presence of social media increases in the office and more screen become available to personnel as part of their regular activities, so too are other hosting services seeing spikes in users. The culmination of faster Internet connections, superior throughput and nearly nonexistent latency has created a video communication environment rife with opportunities. Companies are able to deliver their essential recordings more quickly and accurately, as well as in capacities that staff members prefer. The wide variety of video resources and enterprise video platforms is helping to make these assets as flexible as possible, thereby further boosting users and corporate value.

More possibilities
According to VidBlog, the number of outlets for video tools is on the rise. This presents a landscape of options for businesses of all kinds, allowing firms to select the services that best suit their needs. Fostering custom media tools allows companies to better define their messages and reinforce the goal of these recorded deployments.

The source pointed out that the dozens of different portals online currently serve both enterprise and consumer needs. These outlets present billions of videos to people interested in utilizing them. Companies may want to set their own parameters and determine how personnel see their video tools, so combining social networks with video hosting could be the ideal solutions for many organizations.