September 10, 2012


Businesses can’t afford to say no to video

By Kevin Crayton – VP of Product Management

An enterprise video program introduces major technological challenges that often require specialized solutions, but it also delivers substantial benefits that organizations cannot afford to ignore. The gains of video range from employee engagement to improved training and better internal communications. However, the overarching improvements offered by video are better than the sum of the individual benefits, making the technology especially important.

There are a few broad attributes of video that make it an invaluable tool for companies.

Video can contribute to recruiting/retention efforts

An effective video program can help companies better recruit new workers and retain existing staff. To a great extent, this is accomplished because video can engage workers, making them happier about their jobs. This not only helps keep employees around, but also makes them more likely to recommend the company to their peers. Furthermore, prospective employees that come into the office and see a happier, more engaged workplace may be much more attracted to the organization.

Video can reduce travel costs

Using business streaming services allows organizations to stream meetings to geographically diverse employees, allowing organizations to streamline the entire collaboration process and eliminate excess travel costs.

Video can enable work-from-home capabilities

Because video is so adept at connecting employees who are spread over a wide geographical area, it can allow organizations to enable more robust work-from-home strategies without having to worry about communication problems resulting from the plan. Telework can reduce overhead costs substantially and enable productivity gains because workers can get the job done during the hours they would normally spend commuting. This makes video a key strategic enabler, not just a background technology used for engagement or town hall meetings.

Video can give companies a competitive edge

Because video is able to act as a strategic enabler for staffing improvements, telework and better internal communications, it can provide organizations with a key advantage over competitors. This not only pays off for the organizations using video effectively, but also stands as a warning for companies not taking the potential offered by the technology seriously. If your competitors use video well why you sit back not embracing the technology, your company could quickly fall behind.

With the right video strategy in place, you can gain a lot from the technology. But the individual benefits of the technology add up to greater gains from a broad business perspective.

– Kevin