April 23, 2013


Building online presence key for video communication success

Not all organizations are as concerned about video communication tools as they should be. These firms are more focused on other forms of traditional marketing and hope that graphic ads and email outreach will be sufficient to draw in enough clientele. Though these are tried and true methods of attracting customers, the ways in which people want to be approached and engaged by businesses is shifting. With more mobile device users, on-the-go shopping and mounting corporate demands to move to the next level, companies need to try harder to incorporate video communication tools into their website offerings.

Video tools improve  customer relations and establish a better online presence. Creating custom content for the web can be difficult, especially for fledgling businesses, where competition is most fierce and getting a foot in the door could be a painful process that only yields a modicum of results. Recorded messages make it easier to connect with viewers on a deeper, more personal level that’s likely to keep them coming back to an organization for more information on certain products and further deals on services the business offers. These resources also help boost search engine optimization, putting a company closer to the top of search result lists and guaranteeing more visibility.

Focusing on specific messages
ClickZ wrote that creating great custom content is the first step in building a better online presence. Developing content marketing and data generation tactics may take a while to perfect, but these are elements of a successful online strategy that no company can do without. The source also mentioned that budgets and price tags for these sorts of recorded advertisements isn’t as high as some companies may think. That means that video communication tools are easily within reach of many kinds of corporations, regardless of the size of an industry.

One of the best ways to keep consumers and corporate clients in the loop is accomplished through video blogs, ClickZ stated. Video blogs help establish a one-to-one relationship with all viewers through a unified enterprise video platform, creating immediate cost savings in not having to hold the same meeting with dozens or hundreds of business clients in order to get the same message across. A blog cultivates ongoing interaction with those watching, getting them interested in corporate offerings and continually engaging them in a face-to-face fashion on a regular basis. Consistency and repetition are superb ways of conditioning clientele into becoming return customers.

How to drive successful blogging
On average, the source stated, a video communication network should be updated about four times per week. More than that runs the risk of some recordings getting skipped over, while fewer than that doesn’t encourage the kind of intense on-the-go relationship that businesses need to encourage in potential and existing clients. While some recording lengths may vary depending on content, quality and overall assets a business is willing to divert to these ends. , ClickZ recommended never going over 30 minutes worth of recording, since holding a viewer’s attention for that long will be difficult.

If organizations struggle to find content or ideas to put in their videos, ClickZ stated that companies should first focus on products and services the firm offers. From there, talking about various features each item offers and how that benefits businesses can each become a separate video. Eventually, companies will be able to generate organic video communication about topics that are loosely associated with the organization’s offerings, tying these back to the overall message of the business’s culture.

“Every industry is competitive, which is why owners and marketers need every tool to differentiate and prove their worth to customers to win sales,” said video communication expert Robert Weiss. “Video does that in a very personal way and fulfills customer’s needs by answering many questions they have. Thus, they are a more qualified prospect when they do finally reach out to your business.”

Weiss said regarding a new series of video communication case studies that messages aimed at other businesses can help organizations increase their corporate selling power and make a bigger name for themselves as a supplier on the corporate side. By taking more of the enterprise sales picture, companies can get their names circulated more regularly among key technology and marketing groups. He added that video tools help entities create close relationship ties with their customers, allowing them to spread positive messages through satisfied customers and earn more overall income from new client referrals.

For firms looking to save money, improve their reputations and increase customer retention, video communication assets are some of the best solutions around. When businesses are able to create environments where clients and potential buyers can regularly learn about and get to know an organization, people are more likely to recommend that entity. While building a blog or endeavoring into video curation for the first time may seem daunting, the benefits can often outweigh the hesitancy.