October 10, 2013


Building better video presence requires unified identity

There are a growing number of firms that fail to properly utilize enterprise video solutions. These organizations may feel that they already have enough to deal with already between handling payroll, balancing training initiatives and encouraging more market success through various traditional channels.

The issue companies can encounter, though, is that they may be missing out on some of the biggest trends and best ways to engage their target audiences. By reaching out to consumers in a more personalized method, such as face-to-face with enterprise video solutions, businesses can build much better relationships with their clientele and thereby boost retention, positive word of mouth and overall sales figures. Skipping sales videos and enterprise recording tools could be a significant mistake for organizations of all sizes.

Reaching new markets
Small companies are especially at risk of losing out on sales opportunities if they fail to properly take advantage of video communication tools. These assets allow a corporation to reach out more effectively to a broad number of individuals all around the world, ostensibly forming a stronger business bond with every person that watches these recordings. By creating custom video content, organizations ensure that consumers are learning valuable details about corporate offerings and why they should be interested in working with the specific firm offering these tools as opposed to a larger or more well-known company.

Without such an introduction, it can be difficult for businesses to learn about potential opportunities to sell their products. Not only do they fail to perk the interest of outside partners or possible buyers, they don’t alert these parties that such small organizations even exist in the first place. Promoting a corporation’s presence is a vital key to boosting business options.

Branching out
Google’s Andrea Faville spoke with Kate Rogers at Fox Business about the best ways for small organizations especially to increase their video presence. One of the leading concerns that many corporations should pay attention to is that more than 95 percent of shoppers prefer to do their shopping with local businesses, but these same customers also want to access these opportunities online. This compounds the problems that small firms encounter, as Faville stated half of all companies in this size bracket do not have any kind of web presence.

By simply adding an online enterprise video portal, companies can easily show a huge and growing target audience the benefit of the products and services a regional company has to offer. These outlets allow companies to track how their customers interact with different products and services, the ways they want to access corporate correspondence and the kinds of ads that get the most hits. Analytics facilitate ongoing metric development and monitoring of different strategies that work best for consumers.

Faville also told Rogers that these kinds of online tools help businesses determine when to start pitching to their consumers. Enterprise video for business is a prime tool for spreading the word about special offers or reaching brand new customers, creating even more opportunities for local manufacturers to tap into the most lucrative times of the year.

Recognizing opportunities
All of these advantages are piling up in ways that make video solutions increasingly popular among a rising number of firms. As associations find new and better ways of putting video tools to work in their establishments, it’s becoming much easier for these entities to establish themselves online and in the recording realm. Without these tools, there could be a significant amount of loss in terms of opportunities and business outlets.

According to CMS Wire, a Forrester Research study showed that enterprise video solutions are on the rise among a large percentage of different business sectors. Recordings are being used in an increasing number of environments, the source indicated, allowing those entities with video tools to boost the usefulness and flexibility of their deployments. The source showed that a rising number of firms intend to use their videos as inward-facing deployments as well as resources for external communication, thereby creating a much more fluid environment for networking.

The benefits of enterprise video solutions help organizations validate the cost of acquisition and hosting. These assets make it easy for businesses of all kinds and sizes to easily reach a broader audience, be it internal viewers or customer audiences. The same assets allow companies to target the right people and produce better receptiveness from shoppers, driving for enhanced results among parts of the market where businesses are most certain to see heightened returns. Video portals offer shoppers the opportunity to engage corporate messages in a whole new way, introducing interactive content and making shoppers more interested in what a business has to offer, all while being entertained or educated in a secondary way.