August 21, 2013


Build video presence with the right enterprise communication ideas

There are many different videos online today, some for business and others for entertainment. Many of these recordings bear various levels of quality and cover a variety of topics, making it difficult to judge the overall worth of a message before beginning to watch. In this vast sea of video communication, how can any business make its message heard? Focusing on the kind of content recordings carry and the way enterprise video platforms deliver this information is key.

Creating the right core content
There are a few different kinds of messages that businesses should direct their efforts toward. These core concepts make it easy to structure an entire video around a central theme that really drives home what the company is aiming for. In some cases, this might have only a single speaker or concept at a time, or it might make for a more dynamic group on-screen. Honing in on the core values of a video before ever creating it is the best way to engineer winning enterprise video solutions.

As Small Business Trends wrote, the concept of a corporation should be laid out in a recording of its own. Other types of messages could occlude the quality of this message, making it difficult for potential partners and investors to understand why a firm exists in the first place. Knowing the kinds of products and services an entity sells is one thing, but why they vend, to whom and what drives them may make people more or less likely to trust the corporation’s services.

It’s also essential that these messages be separated from more in-depth recordings that cover the intricacies of the organization. An introduction and explanatory video gives investors, clients and employees a better idea of what the business stands for and why it exists. Putting too much¬†information in the recording could send a negative message about the firm, indicating that the organization lacks the ability to sort, manage and execute properly.

There should be room on an enterprise video platform and dedicated recordings that handle more intricate details regarding corporate offerings. As the source outlined, explanation is directed toward the people who most need these recordings in order to get their jobs done. These tools also assist with gaining consumer interest and spreading word-of-mouth regarding a corporation. Directing attention toward contained thoughts on a specific topic translates into easily ingestible video products that are simple and accessible to all parties.

Putting video where it’s needed most
The one thing that may be short-circuiting business video more than anything else, as Small Business Computing stated, is the presence of recordings on a website. In many cases, companies have gorgeous inline layouts and compelling content, but they fail to properly place or host their recorded content. An enterprise video platforms lets organizations create recordings, place them on their own sites and make sure that these messages are always available in a streaming data capacity. Eliminating latency and promoting better throughput will ensure that corporate videos are always seen by target audiences and casual site viewers.

In terms of converting hits to sales, video is one of the most compelling tools. The source reported that a Zappos study showed that people are almost two-thirds more likely to buy something or inquire about a service after seeing a video communication than in instances where they fail to receive this kind of engagement. This allows companies with a video presence to outsell their competition, even at the smallest scale or among highly contentious product areas.

Focusing on best message
After ensuring that videos are present and available, as well as easily understood and driven toward a sound purpose, companies must also make certain that they are adding the right elements to these recordings. Small Business Computing wrote that it’s wise to use positive music to create the right tone, as well as sound writing to push the message along.

It’s also vital for the speaker to be at ease in front of the camera, yet knowledgeable in the subject matter at hand. An actor may look better on screen, but it presents a fake impression of the organization and fails to convey the right weight in the words expressed. Use a professional who does these tasks every day or regularly interacts with the products being discussed.

When deploying enterprise video solutions, it’s wise to keep the audience in mind by creating recordings that they can understand and best use. Depending on the kind of viewers a firm expects for a recording, it may make sense to use targeted writing, portioned messages and take care to promote these recordings appropriately.