January 27, 2012


Biggest impact on enterprise networks is video

Network build-outs and optimizations of many kinds are being fueled by the increasingly commonplace use of enterprise video solutions, ComputerWorld UK reported this week.

IBM enterprise services leader Daniel Rendell told a London roundtable that such video-prompted expansions are becoming more common, according to the publication.

"We are seeing a change in the scale and scope of projects. More and more customers are asking us to include network [services] … rather than as a standalone [requirement]," he said.

Mark Urban, WAN optimization solutions director at Blue Coat Systems, said in an interview that increasingly complicated technology in use on the network can prove to be a hindrance for tech teams.

"The world on the network has become so complex that it makes it more difficult to understand what the allocation of the budgets are," he told the news source.

It's important to present requests for such upgrades in business terms, other experts say. IT has a measurable impact on the bottom line, and an increasing number of companies are recognizing its role in driving profitability and efficiency.