May 15, 2014


Banking with video for business boosts receptiveness

The presence of communication outlets in the enterprise business world is an important aspect to increasing trust and promoting better transparency throughout operations. Adding in more options for interaction allows people at all levels of the organization to feel greater satisfaction and reassurance about how various operations are being handled.

Generating audience opportunities
The importance of superior visibility and heightened communication is particularly important when it comes to financial matters, and simply sending a text-based message or a generic update is not enough in many enterprise circles to create the necessary sense of security that firms need to rely on. That’s where video for business comes in, creating face-to-face interactions regarding highly sensitive and essential transactions both collaborative and pecuniary in nature.

With enterprise video solutions, it’s much easier for those in business and banking industries to communicative salient financial information among employees, stakeholders, shareholders and upper-level executives. These kinds of important monetary concerns could range in detail from payroll updates and annual tax adjustments to stock values and long-term investment opportunities.

When businesses feel confident in their financial situations and employees are confident in the success of the organizations they work for, it’s much easier to move ahead with dynamic strategies and take on greater enterprise risk. Creating an environment where everyone in the corporation is confident about monetary issues requires that firms take care to integrate the right video communication assets. These outlets ensure an easy and comprehensive means of sharing all the pertinent corporate information regarding financial endeavors so that everyone is on the same page with economic enterprise matters.

Expedited engagement
As Telepresence Options reported, the presence of video communication in the realm of banking and finance is helping companies increase the availability of pecuniary data regarding enterprise operations in ways that support better confidence in a corporation. The source indicated that Gate City Bank in North Dakota is pursuing recorded media as a means of collaboration and business interaction so as to provide a more concise and readily available method for engaging with target audiences.

The bank is not using enterprise video solutions to communicate with personnel, patrons and investors in ways that allow for rapid access to essential information and important updates regarding money issues. Telepresence Options stated that Gate City Bank is implementing this technology in all of its locations, with nearly 20 communities benefiting from the upgrade.

“Communication now is more efficient because it can connect employees from multiple offices for meetings, training, even interviews,” said Gate City Bank vice president Tom Jabens. He added that the firm is seeing significant returns on investment from integrating this technology as well, citing more time and money saved by allowing for enhanced collaboration through recorded assets.

Future of finance
Banking establishments are always on the lookout for new ways to interact with employees and investors regarding the health of their monetary actions. It’s necessary to ensure these interactions are as timely as possible, since changing market factors can cause rapid changes in financial health and fitness. As The Financial Brand pointed out, the need for faster engagement and status updates is helping push enterprise video communication into the spotlight for banking organizations within the coming year.

“Banks will start to offer video-based services for higher value, complex sales such as mortgages and investment products,” David Hodgkinson of KPMG told the source.

There’s a growing momentum toward adding more recorded assets to the banking landscape, the source pointed out, seeing as the ease of use this technology offers allows for integration into second-screen landscapes and coordinated communication of essential information. The presence of video for business is on the rise in general, with these kinds of messages popping up on billboards and in real-time advertising.

Major marketing endeavors will be the biggest push behind the video for business movement, while fluidity and ease of collaboration remain strong factors as well. Paul Kadin of AOL added in The Financial Brand that video communication is likely to see significant usage increases in 2014 due to the enhanced reliance on digital content and engagement in the business sector. Apart from just simplicity of access, he stated recordings help establish more honest and organic interactions between businesses and target audiences.

The ability to easily engage with a variety of viewers is helping increase the usability and importance of video communication in the financial realm. This technology makes face-to-face interactions possible even when people are far apart or busy with other actions, thereby promoting confidence despite other corporate restraints. As the availability of enhanced technology and video tools continues to grow, banks and financial organizations may see their recorded solutions in greater demand and taking on more dynamic roles.