January 23, 2013


Baltimore invests in video streaming solutions

To improve its meetings and hearing procedures, the Baltimore city government recently invested in high-quality video webcasting solutions for its Joint Hearing Room. The system, which the city began using on Monday, January 21, includes a “Jumbotron” screen for the meeting room as well as live video streaming via the web.

While the video screen isn’t a huge improvement for the city the inclusion of web streaming is critical for a variety of reasons. From improving public access to proceedings to keeping more accurate records, video will allow the city to enhance its meetings. To accomplish it the city had to set up its network to support video and audio recording first though.

According to the Baltimore Post-Examiner, the Joint Hearing Room was the only meeting room in the State House complex that wasn’t already wired for audio and video, due to it┬ábeing the largest and therefore most cumbersome to equip. The financial budget meeting on the 21st served as the first trial run of the system, which was mostly a success with only minor technical difficulties.

Investing in recording solutions is just one part of the equation, however. Any government office or business that plans to implement video also has to ensure that it has the network infrastructure to support the various needs of an enterprise video platform. Enough bandwidth to support high-quality playback and the right storage are both crucial components. Without the right hardware, any solution is likely to fail. By investing in video content delivery networking needs now, though, an organization will be able to support future changes and improvements and start saving money on other record keeping systems.