October 16, 2012


Avoiding shortcuts is key when focused on employee engagement

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

When deploying an enterprise video program, it can be tempting to take shortcuts to reduce costs and simplify the process. This is especially true because video is often used for non-critical functions. However, when developing an employee engagement plan that depends on video, you can’t afford to take shortcuts. Skipping important processes or skimping on the details of the plan can contribute to significant problems down the road.

Technology shortcuts to avoid
One of the most tempting ways to cut corners when planning for employee engagement is to avoid making a full  investment. This may come in the form of making a WAN optimization upgrade instead of turning to a video-specific solution, such as an enterprisecontent delivery network. You may also find yourself thinking of adding bandwidth with your telecom instead of dealing with infrastructure.

While cutting corners in this area may seem sensible, it can create major operational challenges down the road. If you want to get your employees engaged through video, they have to be able to access the content easily and have it perform well. If you skimp on the IT side of the video deployment, you could push your workers away from the technology because they don’t want to deal with performance problems.

Avoiding policy shortcuts
You may also find yourself wondering if it is really worth dealing with all of the policy and usage guidelines that can come with a video plan. This is especially the case when dealing with user-generated content. However, letting workers create their own videos is widely regarded as one of the best ways to get them to embrace the solution, making it well worth the time to create effective policies.

Skipping shortcuts doesn’t mean complexity
If you can’t take any shortcuts to make video easier to deal with, it may seem overwhelming from a cost and complexity standpoint. But finding the right partner can give you access to a cost-efficient content delivery system and key advice on how to establish the program effectively. Furthermore, by dealing with all of the issues presented by video at the start of the program, you put the company in a better position to meaningfully engage the workforce, saving complications later if the system is not embraced at the outset.