October 18, 2013


Avoiding communication mistakes with enterprise video solutions

Companies want to bring their staff members together in ways that help them become more productive and engaged. This can be difficult to achieve due to the lack of proper video communication options in the workplace, as well as the use of improper personal interactions and overall inaccuracy of business messages. Such elements occur naturally in the course of human discourse, but finding ways to avoid these problems can help make corporations more effective. Isolating the issues and finding ways around them, though, can be more challenging.

Proper messages
There are plenty of opportunities for companies to launch more intuitive enterprise video solutions for business use. However, simply creating these outlets does not facilitate clear communication on its own. Organizations have to ensure recordings are easily accessible, free of miscommunication in tone, pacing and speaker body language, and they need to contain all of the data that personnel watching these messages will need in order to take the right ideas from these videos. With so many complex factors balanced into videos that often last only a minute or so, it can be hard to boost collaboration without missing the mark with enterprise communication tools.

As leadership and communication expert Skip Weisman told Fox News that specificity and directness are principal problems that detract from the clarity and candor of corporate messages. There are far too many open-ended statements and vagaries in business interactions that can cause problems with productivity and engagement.

Stopping the fallout
The repercussions, Weisman stated, can be far-reaching. Customer service can suffer tremendously in instances where personnel are unsure of how to proceed or feel frustrated with management. Employees may not know how to properly do their jobs or know what effect their work has on the rest of the organization, causing them to short-change their output. When quality and satisfaction drop off, retention and revenue suffer. This means that clear, honest video for business is an ideal tool for producing better corporate outcomes.

Strong leadership is also an essential part of promoting better collaboration, according to the Fox News interview. Messages aimed at lower-level personnel should always be honest and take the emotional responses of viewers into account. Recordings should never seem negative or too forceful, as this can cause personnel to shut down and ignore requests. Apologizing and understanding sincere courtesy means establishing trust through enterprise video solutions should be a major sticking point for companies interested in promoting a transparent workplace.

Uniting personnel
It's up to leaders to bring all of their team members together through the clarity and honesty of a well-made, targeted video for business. Creating specific and directed messages that appeal to workforce is not the easiest of tasks, but it does create long-term benefits for which all companies should strive. In order to achieve these kinds of outcomes, though, firms have to ensure that they are creating unifying messages instead of divisive ones.

Forbes stated that enterprise video solutions can help bring personnel from different units and all levels of the organization together behind a single goal. Creating this kind of top-down management style can be difficult, but businesses that achieve such a state are better able to handle corporate affairs, manage money and ensure that their revenue and retention rates grow. Boosting the level of camaraderie is important in order to foster a happier, healthier workplace, so be sure to target video deployments toward this end and open up possibilities for greater transparency and connectivity with enterprise video solutions.