November 7, 2012


Approaching webcasting for internal marketing

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Internal marketing is often an afterthought for businesses. However, using effective strategies for internal marketing can have a positive impact on enterprise operations. Enterprise video programs can play a vital role in this process by giving business leaders, human resources workers, managers and other employees an intuitive communication format that can be used to distribute ideas and market policy changes.

Understanding the importance of internal marketing
The primary benefit of internal marketing programs is that they help with convincing employees to buy into new policies or process changes. In many cases, workers will oppose any form of change simply because it may force them to adjust how they get things done on a day-to-day basis. While it may be tempting to cast aside these concerns because employees have to listen to top-down mandates, internal marketing can explain why the policy shifts are important and help employees embrace them.

This shift in attitude represents a key distinction. When workers feel like executives and managers are forcing them to do things a certain way, they will often just go through the motions and do what they have to. When employees are treated as valuable members of the team and understand why policy or process changes are made, they are more likely to buy into the solution and work in a more engaged way. This understanding of the logic behind policies can enable workers to get things done more effectively and maximize the impact of process improvements.

Using video to drive internal marketing
While effective internal marketing can have considerable value, it can also be difficult to manage effectively. It is vital to use enough resources to make employees feel connected to operations, but not so many resources that it puts a strain on the organization. An enterprise video platform can be an ideal solution in this area because it provides an easy-to-use base for marketing messages, such as speeches from executives and similar content. Webcasting, in particular, is an ideal option for businesses considering internal marketing.

By deploying a webcasting solution, organizations not only gain access to robust video capabilities, they also use social tools to help viewers interact with content. This means that town hall meetings and similar events that can be used to internally market corporate policies and goals can be more effective and valuable to businesses.