April 15, 2014


Appeal to wider audiences with custom video communication

Targeting the proper audience is essential when generating strong ties and positive messages with various corporate offerings. Creating a meaningful impact on consumers requires that companies pay attention to what their target audiences want and how they prefer to interact with preferred businesses. By tuning in to the needs and feelings of clients, corporate deployments can see much greater success. This strengthens bonds, helps generate more word of mouth about brand messages and shows consumers that companies are actually listening to them.

This is a critical element in the video communication landscape. Targeting the wrong audience or deploying options that don't fit the people who are meant to use them can have devastating effects on acceptance and usership. The end result in these unfortunate situations is that companies can lose the return on their investments they were seeking and potentially set themselves back considerably in the struggle to increase corporate success.

That's why properly deploying enterprise video solutions is so critical to business prosperity. Paying attention to what viewers want and how they prefer things is the best way to ensure positive outcomes for business endeavors. Generating targeted video for business options enhances employee and consumer receptiveness to these messages, allowing for a superior interaction between audiences and organizations that strengthens bonds and promotes retention of relationships over a longer period.

Following trends
Video communication is proving a driving force in corporate interactions, as Fierce CIO reported. The source indicated that a recent industry indicators show that this year will be the one where video for business becomes a staple of enterprise operations due to the demand from viewing audiences for these resources.

The reasoning behind this upsurge in the popularity of enterprise video solutions is largely due to the ubiquity and affordability of this service, especially coupled with modern cloud computing opportunities. Fierce CIO wrote that more hosted options are making video communication easier to deploy and manage from the cloud, reducing the need for in-house storage and manipulation. This frees up internal infrastructure while also offering more rapid streaming, downloading and sharing of corporate messages.

At the same time, this new technology has proven itself totally backward compatible, so there are no devices excluded from the viewing life cycle. This is particularly important considering the shift in collaborative and interactive option available to the enterprise. Resources like bring-your-own-device programs and mobile device integration in normal work environments have put more smartphones and tablets in employee hands. This has not gotten rid of the importance that traditional tools like desktop PCs and laptops hold. In order for enterprise video platforms to serve the needs of the greatest percentage of people, backwards compatibility ensures that old and new devices alike can easily interface with these portals.

Making video count
The increasing presence of video for business in both internal and consumer-facing applications is making it easier for corporations to interface with target audiences. This has made it an invaluable asset to organizations of all kinds, as these resources allow for fluid interactions and ease of collaboration among employees and consumers alike. The power of video communication is in its uniting force, generating stronger bonds between personnel or enhancing the customer service experience.

Inside Self Storage added that one of the best abilities offered by enterprise video is its informative and educational qualities. This empowers workforce and consumers alike, bringing them more closely into relationships with the originating organization by providing more intimate details about corporate offerings or important programs. Short length, ease of access and accelerated portability all aid in elevating the value of video for business.