July 17, 2013


Alternative delivery options gives enterprise video more flexibility

Getting more out of business video communication requires finding new ways of using this asset to make the most of corporate recordings. These deployments allow organizations to share mission-critical information with other personnel, entire organizations, remote employees, clients and the general public if organizations so desire. The increasing amount of availability for third party technologies and other kinds of data infrastructure has made video a prominent asset for companies of all kinds. In instances where new technology allows different avenues for interaction, companies have been quick to dominate on these outlets to enhance their own opportunities.

The future of communication trends
Keeping up with modern trends mean migrating where consumers and corporate entities want to go. These actions are dictated by convenience and availability, meaning that firms should be paying attention to the kinds of assets that personnel have at the ready both in their employed and private statuses. If staff members are already using certain kinds of resources in their off hours, chances are that they’re sufficiently comfortable with and confident in the capabilities of these technologies, making them prime targets for organizations and businesses of all kinds. Tracking these interests means only that firms should be aware of what personnel do in their personal time, a matter that has become increasingly easier as employers insinuate themselves more into employees’ personal lives.

The rise of mobile resources has been one of the most prominent trends to show itself in the corporate sphere, Fierce Mobile IT stated. A study by Juniper Research stated that organizations will invest twice as much in smartphone and tablet resources by 2017 than they do presently, making this technology a critical investment point for firms of all kinds. As more consumers find mobility tools desirable and make time to learn about these tools in their spare time, the same individuals take this earned insight to work with them, providing employers with a ready resource of employed people who know all about various applications and mobile technology. Taking advantage of these insights only requires developing an app for business use that ties the organization’s interests and its personnel’s together.

Increasing asset capabilities
One of the easiest ways to do this, according to Fierce Mobile IT, is by incorporating modern technology assets in their entirety into the resources that staff members use most often. The other factor to consider is how well these elements complement corporate functions. When certain assets make a positive impression on employees and increase the total usability of business systems, it’s easy for organizations to validate these investments. Once that initial validation is approved, putting more money toward these innovative investments is an easy matter to engineer.

Primary among these new endeavors is the cloud. In cases where the cloud and enterprise video solutions are combined, there is a potential to boost the return on investment many times over. As one expert stated in Fierce Mobile IT, coupling winning technology solutions is an easy option for boosting the overall potential for gaining financial benefits from these initial expenditures.

“In order to be truly successful in the future, I think we will see players emerge who are prioritizing their customers’ preferences,” said Sian Rowlands, a Juniper analyst. “They will do this by utilizing cloud technology, allowing consumers to resume playback on different devices, and enabling offline viewing,”

The face of modern work
Electronic Design wrote that companies need to pay attention to the changing tides of corporate resources and interest around them. As more technology becomes available, firms must stay abreast of changing trends like video availability, connectivity and hardware options. When consumers find these options desirable, that means that these same individuals will carry these digital assets and insights with them to the workplace, making for easy accessibility in the event that firms take the initiative to harvest these traits in their own staff pools.

There have even been changes in the kinds of tech tools and applications offered by business assets in the last few years, according to the source. These resources have enhanced the flexibility of video communication tools, adding semiconductor boosts and OEM support that make for easier transmission of recordings. By adding more assets to the enterprise video portal end, there are greater opportunities to share corporate information. This has resulted in a landscape rich with opportunities to share vital recorded insights without losing any of the more subtle aspects or streaming qualities that older connections might have caused. Linking with personnel anywhere and at any time is now a viable option for organizations of all kinds.