June 25, 2013


All new delivery methods help business better communicate

Facilitating communication is a major requirement of modern businesses. The number of ways in which this kind of interaction can benefit organizations continues to expand, be it with internal contacts, client messaging or boosting overall corporate visibility. The flexibility of the online realm makes it an ideal host for meeting all of these needs, as well as creating entirely new methods of bridging communication gaps.

One of the premier methods of committing all these actions is through the use of video communication tools. These assets allow companies to create a singular message and share that same idea with everyone in the company, on their mailing lists or the public at large. Networks dedicated to carrying these recordings have sprung up across the internet in order to facilitate this growing trend, and companies interested in harboring their own messages have turned to enterprise video solutions.

Sharing and outreach methods
The newest addition to the mix is social media. These channels aren't limited to sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Companies can make use of their own internal networks of open interaction between various personnel and as a means of judging the reception of products, services and messages being shared throughout an organization. Much of what drives social media is the feedback it generates, so firms must act now to get their corporate tools going before employees or clients turn to outlets that already facilitate their video-watching demands.

Business Insider wrote that social networks need to be considered as more than just ways for people to chat with or connect with one another. While these are highly beneficial resources for companies to make use of in these respects, there are far more ways that companies can make meaningful use of social outlets. One of the greatest ones is through creating video communication resources that can be shared and viewed on social channels. This allows personnel to access and interact with corporate recordings, then share the same video to their personal pages or among friends in order to boost visibility of a popular or important message for the whole organization.

Understanding online resources
The source clarified a point that some companies may not grasp quite yet – that all things influenced by social media can be considered part of that movement. Tapping into social networks allows organizations the freedom to make as much or little use of these outlets as they so desire, be it in full deployment of enterprise video tools or just monitoring public reactions to other companies' resources in this area. What's more, Business Insider wrote that social resources are swiftly becoming one of the most influential areas for people to learn about new products, current events and a plethora of other information, meaning that entities lacking a presence in this realm could be missing a major marketing and management opportunity.

The insights firms can gain just by seeing what's popular with consumers, clients, corporate employees and every other audience in between can help engineer even better products and services for the future. Whether people like a certain aspect of a viral video or fail to latch on to another corporate video communication can be caused by a number of factors, and social networks help companies hone in on these elements.

A business proposal
For firms that feel they can find their way with video tools outside the social sphere, it could be a very risk venture to set out on. According to BI Intelligence, the unique monthly audience for socially shared videos has seen far more viewership than those accessing recordings in other settings. Social tools make video content a seamless part of the social experience, whereas there's little if any structure stringing videos together in the context of a general site filled with recordings. An enterprise video portal can offer much of the architecture people need in order to gain access to the messages they should be viewing, but organic searching and natural integration of video into social channels helps businesses do this task automatically.

What's more, Business Review wrote that companies can save a considerable amount of money on video communication tools. Enterprise video solutions allow firms to cut travel costs, reduce training expenses and improve the overall level of interaction and comprehension throughout the organization. This heightened amount of awareness helps employees get their jobs done more quickly and accurately than ever before. On top of that, if any staff member ever runs into a procedural or operational question, they need only review the video of how to handle the specific piece of machinery, software or client situation in order to proceed accordingly. The empowerment is also a beneficial tool in boosting retention and employee satisfaction.