December 24, 2012


Adobe predicts MPEG DASH will play larger role in 2013

Businesses are always looking for ways to enhance and improve content delivery, and enterprise video is an excellent way to do that. However, there are ways to improve video content delivery that will provide the end user with a better experience overall. One of these tools is MPEG DASH, and Adobe senior project manager Kevin Towes believes it will play a much bigger role in video in 2013.

“There is still a lot more work to do,” Towes told Streaming Media. “I like to think of 2012 as the year of awareness. Next year is going to be the year of discovery.  How can you attach some of these encoders and CDNs and players and devices together to really demonstrate the resiliency and the vision of what DASH is trying to present? And then as we go through that it’s about then operationalizing it, getting DASH into the hands of the consumers from a more viewable point of view.”

MPEG DASH, or Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP, is a solution that improves high-quality streaming of video and other media content online. Businesses can utilize it to leverage improved HTTP web server infrastructure for their video webcasting needs within the company. Specifically, the technology works by breaking content in sequenced HTTP-based segments, and delivering them over short intervals of playback, rather than trying to buffer an entire video file at once. This can be particularly useful for businesses that will have numerous employees accessing video content at the same time by reducing network strain.

Towes noted to the news source that the “spirit” of MPEG DASH is to provide a single delivery method for video to a variety of devices, which will help reduce cost, improve interoperability and enhance content delivery within networks overall.

While businesses can implement video content network infrastructure and benefit from business webcasting normally, if problems occur, MPEG DASH could be the answer in 2013 as it evolves and improves. As Towes said, as businesses look to incorporate various mobile devices and other solutions with their video platforms, compatibility and quality will be key, and DASH can address any issues they might have in this area.