April 10, 2016


The 7 Components of Kontiki MediaCenter

Kontiki MediaCenter will change the way you take business meetings. Say goodbye to communication challenges and let Kontiki MediaCenter distil the relevant information company-wide.

As an enterprise portal, it will function as a centre for corporate-produced videos. Here are some components of the Kontiki MediaCenter:

1. Full Range of Video Options

Our video options can serve both private and public content. We offer live event management and video on demand. Here are several powerful products for video options:

  • Kontiki Webcaster – a self-service webcasting solution
  • Kontiki Broadcaster for Lync┬«- turns Microsoft Lync into a video broadcasting tool
  • Kontiki Stream for Chatter – integrates video into SalesForce┬« Chatter
  • Kontiki Viewer for SharePoint┬« – offers video integration with Microsoft SharePoint
  • Kontiki MediaCenter – next-generation enterprise video and rich content portal

These video options will encourage companies to promote video use within the enterprise. They will also be instrumental to any communication and training strategy. Employees will be provided with numerous opportunities for video engagement.

2. Interactive User Experience

Kontiki MediaCenter has a full range of social features which enables users to share, rate, flag and comment on any content. It can create custom versions to fit your brand and user interaction requirements. We offer the following interactive features that can make your webcasts more interesting and engaging:

  • Live Q&A
  • Polling
  • Slide sync


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3. Robust Enterprise Controls

Kontiki MediaCenter can be easily integrated with any established social enterprise software. Our Robust Enterprise Controls include the following:

  • Strong user authentication
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Integration, access and moderation controls
  • Based on best-of-breed security standards

We provide solutions to meet today’s evolving security threats by offering stronger and smarter authentication and by utilising the cloud and system enhancements. Through this, you will be able to manage your company and move forward with multiple initiatives.

4. Powerful Content Management

Kontiki MediaCenter can store and distribute all major video and document formats. It also allows easy content embedding, trimming, tagging and swapping. Here are some other reasons why Kontiki MediaCenter affords Powerful Content Management:

  • It can manage, create and archive live events or on-demand videos
  • It drives a powerful ROI and makes the flexibility of software defined networking a reality
  • It can effortlessly edit content and swap content items without changing URLs
  • It can generate and manage tags
  • It can embed portal content onto other pages
  • It can present related content on player pages
  • It can automatically create the recent, most popular and highest rated channels

5. Actionable Analytics

Our matchless reporting capabilities can show the in-depth viewership data, which can be presented graphically with drill-down capabilities. You will be able to know, track and analyse the viewership of the following:

  • View start times
  • Video view duration
  • Number of views
  • Earliest and latest view
  • Average duration of view

Kontiki Analytics can be used to show and examine viewership by the end user or by individual content items. It also provides filtering on numerous attributes such as content, delivery type, title, username, delivery status or dates. All significant actions performed by users and by the system are recorded and accessible for auditing. This is particularly useful for corporate compliance and if there are any troubleshooting network issues.


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6. Flexible Integration Services

We provide rich REST API for enhanced integration capabilities with third party providers, therefore encouraging employees towards video access. Our robust API delivers the following:

  • Simple integration with any recognised social enterprise software, wherein video can be experienced through a centralised enterprise video portal
  • The flexibility to develop your enterprise video usage needs
  • You will be able to facilitate and design innovative services for employees
  • You can save time and escalate organisational proficiency
  • It will effortlessly and professionally share data and processes
  • It will also proliferate awareness of work done

7. Desktop and Mobile Support

It is a 100% cloud-based solution that runs inside a web browser. PC and Mac browsers, as well as tablets and smartphones can be supported by Kontiki MediaCenter. You can also upload any video content or any type of document based on a VoD (Video on demand) format, straight from your mobile devices. It will permit users to watch videos and listen to audio content at a definite broadcast time.

Kontiki MediaCenter can handle any type of media including video, audio, RSS feeds and more. This will be the key to prolonging the life of your event, even after your webcast has happened. It will communicate and engage your employees before and after the event. Video is the key to fusing your employees and increasing their functionality.