February 13, 2013


5 ways to utilize video to enhance collaboration

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Video is a powerful tool for any business to wield. From enhancing marketing campaigns to improving internal and external communications, it enables face-to-face chat and interactive solutions that are critical in today’s fast-paced digital world. However, many businesses forget about another one of the key benefits that video can provide if implemented correctly – collaborative enhancement.

Using video as a tool to improve content delivery and meeting management may seem like one of the less impressive business improvements that it offers, but with a dedicated enterprise content delivery network (ECDN), a business can completely overhaul operations through live webcasting and video streaming. It allows a company to eliminate costly meeting expenses and related scheduling conflicts, and improves a professional’s ability to share ideas with his or her coworkers in an interactive manner. For a business to get the most out of its enterprise video platform, it should understand what the potential benefits are. According to Business 2 Community, this means creating engaging, share-worthy content and delivering it to employees in a convenient, easy-to-consume format. Ultimately, this will enhance collaboration and ensure that employees are optimizing their workflow and productivity.

Entertainment value
One of the key ways that video enhances collaboration and increases the “share-worthiness” of content is the inherent entertainment value. By ensuring that video content is both informative and enjoyable to watch, it will be far more effective at spreading its intended message. From a business standpoint this means increasing the overall quality of production, from using the right equipment to scripting and rehearsing when possible. Often, the best practice is to keep video for business simple yet informative, and allow the entertainment factor to come out on the viewers’ side through references and relevance to work topics.

Building trust
Video allows a business to engage its employees, but more importantly it helps build a trusting relationship between employer and professional. According to Business 2 Community, trust plays a major role in how successful video is, but the video itself can be used to instill trust in the workplace via real, actionable information and reliable sourcing.

Social integration
While internal operations may not be, video is by nature very social. As such, integrating aspects of social networking with an enterprise video solution helps engage employees by providing ways to share, comment and discuss the content. For many businesses, this also means responding to those comments and discussions. By approaching internal video much like social media marketing, a business will get the most out of this aspect of employee engagement and be able to focus on building up its relationships with workers.

Benefit work relationships
However, those relationships go beyond comment response. Video provides a key way to communicate with employees, even when it isn’t used for communications itself. The medium allows for the simultaneous verbal and visual sharing of ideas, which no other medium can do. This allows a business to form a unique relationship with its employees through video – even more so than face to face communication in many cases, as video can be edited and controlled.

Ultimately, one of the biggest selling points of video content delivery is the convenience of it. Often, equally strong forms of content sharing, like face to face meetings, are inconvenient for at least one person involved, but with video a business can eliminate this issue and ensure that every employee can view or participate on his or her own terms. This will, in the end, improve overall operations by maintaining steady productivity and eliminating unnecessary distraction in the workplace.