June 18, 2012


5 ways to deploy video for employee engagement

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

An enterprise video program offers businesses many benefits, with employee engagement as one of the most important gains. Video is uniquely suited to improve productivity and flexibility by connecting employees to their work. To gain these benefits, consider these key best practices for video deployment:

Support user-generated content

When employees are allowed to create their own videos, they not only get to share the information that matters to them, they also get to feel personally connected to the company. This makes it easier to engage in corporate social initiatives and connects workers in a more meaningful way.

Connect executives with the average worker

It is not uncommon for some employees to become frustrated by the gap that often exists between executives and other workers, as they can easily end up feeling like their efforts are not recognized by the higher-ups in the company. With an effective video strategy, executives can create content that helps employees see that the leaders care about the workers and want them to succeed.

Show the big picture

It can be hard for workers in different departments to see how their efforts impact the company as a whole. One of the best ways to engage employees is to use videos to show the full chain of how different operations contribute to the corporate vision. By showing workers the big picture, companies can make them feel more attached to the work they are doing on a day-to-day basis.

Improve training

The entire training and orientation process is tedious for the average worker and managers alike. Incorporating video can make the process more engaging. Furthermore, using video training modules allows companies to reconnect with experienced employees over time, keeping them knowledgeable of best practices.

Support better interaction

When workers in diverse office environments connect via email or teleconferencing, the conversations are important, but not necessarily engaging. Using business video streaming solutions to enable better virtual meetings and similar events allows for more immersive virtual experiences that connect workers in a meaningful way.

Through these five practices, companies can develop video systems that help their workers connect to their jobs, which can have a major impact on productivity and operational efficiency. Engaging employees is increasingly important for businesses and video can be the tool that helps companies reach their engagement goals.