July 22, 2015


5 reasons why you should use enterprise video solutions

If you understand business, then you know that many ingredients go into the recipe for success. It is easy to focus on one business area and ignore another. You may spend more time on sales and marketing and less on internal communication. However, by leveraging enterprise video solutions, you can ensure that your external revenue-generating activities are always paralleled with consistent internal communication. Keeping one eye on the market and one eye on employee development, your business can grow completely and avoid becoming siloed. Accordingly, here are five reasons you why you should use enterprise video solutions:

1. Having everyone on the same page is difficult
Many organizations find that employees are not engaged because they do not feel like they are recognized or needed. If you use video to communicate company goals, recognize effort and explain new developments, all staff members can be kept current on organizational progress and see that their work matters. If managers find time to shoot short and informative videos and share them with staff members, the result will be a more streamlined organization as a whole.

“If a company’s internal communication is lacking, trust is compromised.”

2. Communicating with video is a powerful thing
As a manager or business leader, you might think video is a playful and therefore not serious business tool. However, if you have confidence in yourself and your managerial skills, you will recognize that the more you lead, the more employees will follow. Whether you want to encourage employees to work harder, participate in CSR efforts or collaborate with each other more, showing them that you are involved through video will aid you in achieving your goal. You will find that when employees see their managers taking the time to film and share videos on key issues, they will display more interest in those issues. Using enterprise video solutions, you can rely powerful messages and spark enthusiasm. Forbes pointed out that if a company’s internal communication is lacking, trust is compromised. Studies found that when trust is low, efficiency and profitability suffer. Alternatively, when communication is effective, trust is higher and profitability increases.

3. Facilitating knowledge transfer is important
Enterprise video solutions are not just for managers who transmit company updates to their staffs. It is likely that you have some information gurus in your organization. Allowing these individuals to share their expertise with the company is a good idea. One way to do this effectively is using video. Sales personnel can teach product development executives about what sells, and the IT department can show everyone how to manage technical issues. The knowledge transfer you create will be very beneficial. Collaboration is indicative of a friendly company culture. Entrepreneur pointed out that a healthy company culture is the foundation of a successful business.

Communication is linked to profitability and success. Improve corporate communication with video.

4. Video promotes transparency and accountability
If you have employees communicating with each other using video on a frequent basis, you will eliminate much of the confusion and ambiguity that can surround certain business activities. You can use video for evaluations, progress reports, departmental introductions, and lots of other informational activities.

5. Video makes you modern and interesting
We live in the age of video, big data and reality television. It’s unavoidable. With most companies today trying to keep up with the modern era, you should also do your part. Using enterprise video solutions is one of the best ways to do this. Especially given that today most mobile devices allow video streaming, your employees can listen to important announcements from the CEO on their smartphones during their morning commute. What’s more modern than that?

Ultimately, when done right, video communication improves teamwork, promotes understanding, strengthens relationships and builds trust.