May 5, 2015


5 Must-Have Features of High Quality Webinar Software

Webinar Software

The demand for web conferencing continues to increase due to the benefits it provides. If you also want to try web conferencing, the first thing that you need to have is a high quality webinar software package, including the following 5 must-have features:

  1. Presentation Tools

Seminars require visual presentations like graphs, charts, images, etc. Therefore, the webinar software that you choose should allow the viewing of documents and PowerPoint presentations. Without these presentation tools, your web seminar will be a bit incomplete. (Source: Getresponse)

  1. Document Sharing

The webinar software should have a share feature that allows users to download files directly from their computer (or other device). Some of the commonly shared files include word documents, brochures, agendas, video presentations, etc. There should also be a document sharing security facility which only allows selected participants to download the files. (Source: Omnovia)

  1. VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows attendees to hear the moderator clearly via computer speakers or headphones. According to Adobe Blog, there are 3 options to include VoIP to a webinar: VoIP only, Teleconferencing only and Simulcast. After you have set up the VoIP alternative of choice, have a test run.

  1. A Feature that Improves the Quality of Video and Audio

The webinar software should have a feature that allows users to adjust the quality of the audio and video of the webinar. All attendees must be able to view your slides and hear what you have to say clearly.

  1. Help & Support

Your webinar must have a Help & Support feature that can answer the questions of both the attendees and the moderators. Help & Support can provide solutions for basic troubleshooting such as audio and visual issues. The webinar software should also have a chat feature that allows attendees to communicate with the presenter and vice versa.


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