August 26, 2014


4 markets moving ahead thanks to video for business

There’s a wide array of organizations, markets and industries taking advantage of the current video for business landscape. By taking advantage of this most-opportune enterprise advertising, communication and training resource, it’s increasingly easy for organizations with the right strategy to pull ahead of the competition.

However, as more corporations come into this marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between what’s happening in one corporation versus another. There are exceptions to this rule, wherein certain sectors as a whole are finding ways to pull themselves forward into the next generation of content creation, curation and oversight.

Here are four of the markets working forward toward a brighter more productive enterprise streaming media future. Whether through video communication for training, oversight, performance improvement or other advertising reasons, these areas of business are making their operations smarter and more personalized through the use of video for business.

Here’s how:

In the medical world, there’s a chance for error and other problems at every turn that could cause financial and liability issues. The more intense the procedure and specialized the treatment, the greater the likelihood of issues becomes.

Offering video for business in this sector can give surgeons a means of reviewing their work. It can also offer professional liability services a resource for determining fault in cases of potential malpractice.

That’s the mindset behind a current “black box” installation and research program at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada. WESH News reported that the facility installed a series of cameras in its surgical suites that monitor procedures, take data on the accuracy of operations and help doctors find their own flaws in every kind of patient case.

“To truly understand what causes an error, you need to know all the factors that may come into play,” research director Dr. Teodor Grantcharov told WESH.

Branding is a major part of making companies successful, but in turn, it takes so much effort to maintain operations and relationships in the enterprise environment. Video for business builds a strong link between the people viewing content and the organizations issuing this content. The end result, as Streaming Media Online reported, is a far more fluid advertising and entertainment environment.

According to the source, more enterprise streaming media is helping corporations create reliable connections with their target audiences. Whether that’s retail personnel on the showroom floor or shoppers browsing in-store, at home or on the go, video communication increases the effectiveness that these corporations want to share with target audiences. As one of the most competitive and visible market segments, enterprise streaming media is exceptionally important in the advertising environment.

Cars are constantly moving toward a point where they’re greener, more efficient and increasingly appealing to consumer audiences. After dealing with a multi-year slump in sales, automotive engineering is creating cars that are more intuitive and provide advanced options that put individual automotive manufacturers ahead of the rest.

The thing is, the new systems aren’t always intuitive.

In order to overcome the issues associated with dynamic and unique driving systems, it’s increasingly important to automotive manufacturers to provide video for business deployments that connect with users. Business Insider stated that this capability helps improve the overall driving experience, including boosting safety. That’s because vehicles can now take over where smartphone and mobile tech leaves off, reducing driving distractions and improving connectivity in plethora new ways. With video communication, this helps strengthen commercial and personal bonds with consumers on multiple levels.

The entertainment industry has become so multifaceted that it’s difficult for any one authority to encompass everything that comprises this landscape. Some of the major elements impacting video for business include:

  • Video games
  • Movies
  • TV
  • Streaming video
  • DVD and home media

The value of this market is expected to hit amazing highs, as Streaming Media Online reported. By 2015, the industry should be worth about $123 billion, a $3 billion rise in just two years. On top of that, the overall investment in technology and information in this arena is becoming more dynamic, inviting more companies to jump into this market segment.

The source noted that packaged video communication is a seeing ongoing interest, as it allows companies to maintain economic stability and provides an ideal environment for the enterprise video for business landscape to flourish.

“An unquenchable consumer thirst for entertainment, the extensive choice of delivery platforms and services now available, and economic recovery are creating an ideal environment for the U.S. video entertainment market,” David Sidebottom of Futuresource told Streaming Media Online.

By tapping into the markets that are doing the best, it’s easy for other firms both within these segments and without to understand how to reposition their operations in the best possible ways. The end result is a more profitable and intuitive business environment that’s easy to improve and pulls toward more dynamic, rather than legacy, video for business opportunities.