November 10, 2014


4 huge benefits improve video communication outlook

The presence of video communication in the corporate world has been a consistent one for many years. However, the image of this service has recently also seen somewhat of a change, as new kinds of technology continue to emerge and businesses try to evolve to fit consumers and employees more and more.

That’s resulted in a need for better IT resources, improved functionality and a superior grasp of the networks and solutions that can facilitate the ways in which organizations which to function. Among all these demands, there are some that also produce a great business benefit, and for these tools and options there are increasing interest among enterprise video solution users.

When organizations are able to identify both a competitive edge and a significant return on investment, it’s easy for firms to get behind spending and implementation initiatives in this realm. Here are four of the biggest positive elements of the modern video landscape and how they can impact corporate operations.

Saving money
Probably one of the biggest factors that organizations are likely to focus on is the fact that video for business can help them save so much money and in a variety of different ways. Everything from reducing commuting to improving collaboration allows for better outcomes in the corporate environment, no matter where these options are implemented.

Nowhere is this more true than in the portability environment, as Startups Online stated. The source pointed out that bring-your-own-device programs have become a huge part of the corporate realm, with more than half of all American employers offering this resource to their workforce. At the same time, 70 percent of companies are actively investing in mobile options that would help them implement video communication in these environments.

That means there’s more opportunities to reduce hardware and deployment expenses. It’s also a simple task to reduce carbon emissions, eliminate paper meetings and provide always-on support to staff that eliminates downtime while boosting productivity.

Improve productivity
That idea of creating more output is one that’s more intricate than just giving people the tools they need. They also require access to insights and other employees in order to make meaningful use of these assets. In the end, this boils down to a greater demand for intuitive enterprise video solutions.

By creating a method of engagement that’s easy to connect to and available on demand, companies stand to increase the instances with which people use these tools. Even when firms have other kinds of tools in place, if there isn’t a simple method of connecting or a wide wealth of content to choose from, personnel are likely to avoid making use of this resource. Such is the case as well for enterprise video for business.

What matters most here is making sure that employees are enjoying this tool and freely interacting with it. A Polycom report showed that this is an increasing trend among people in their 20s and 30s especially, with up to 90 percent of individuals in that age range indicating interest in video communication. Thanks to ease of use and variety of content, there’s more recorded content in the corporate realm.

Enhance operations
This growing presence helps companies ensure that their operations are functioning at the optimal level. That’s because the more accurate information is and the more proliferate these insights are, the better people are likely to function.

This has made video for business an increasingly popular option, as Polycom’s report stated. The source found that 96 percent of corporations are looking to influence their video communication into a more prominent position, while more than three-fourths are already accessing recorded content on a regular basis. This assists with improving the flow of operations and cuts costs.

Faster collaboration
Access to insights is the dividing factor often between quality and productivity versus lethargy and sloppiness. The easier it is to gain input from a specific person or project, the more rapidly personnel can get back to work on the tasks for which they needed that information in the first place.

While operations are running faster, people are doing more with the devices they have and companies are taking advantage of better productivity tools, it’s also important that individuals are connecting with one another in a more meaningful way. BetaNews wrote that outreach opportunities in the video communication landscape shows more flexibility and personalization compared to traditional methods of remote engagement. Even in-house staff are able to connect in more meaningful ways, especially when they work at different ranks or in varied departments.

By learning about the various advantages of enterprise video communication, it’s easy for companies to satisfy their expectations for return on investment. The end result is a more productive, satisfied and engaged workforce.

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