November 17, 2014


3 ways to make video content more successful

There is a lot of information online these days that companies need to cut through in order to come out on top of the competition. Even when they hit home with a consumer, it’s possible that they can do so on the totally wrong note.

Hitting a successful home run with enterprise streaming media requires that organizations are paying attention to trends and target audiences. Only through attentiveness and tweaking will video for business arrive at the most positive outcomes, so it’s important that a good amount of effort goes into this initiative.

Here are three great ideas to get video communication heading in the right direction.

A lot of people may think of crowdfunding as just a way to earn money, but it’s also a fantastic method for promoting corporate culture and gaining visibility. A crowdfund can be established for any kind of cause, but the more closely it can be tied to enterprise initiatives, the better. Best of all, such action makes it clear to target audiences that the issuing organization is one that cares about current events and regional causes.

The Guardian wrote that crowdfunding has the ability to draw millions of people to a brand, if they’re given the right incentive. That doesn’t always mean rewards – it only requires the proper mission and the motivation on the part of viewers to take part in the endeavor.

Video communication can really drive home the concerns, motivations and meaning of such an operation. It helps establish the pitch, drive corporate culture and generate positive results. In order to do so, companies should focus on a few core values:

  • Scripting
  • Setting
  • Seriousness

It’s easy to come up with a lackluster presentation. For firms that really want to make crowdfunding work as a means of enterprise success, it’s important to put thought and effort into the production. Even if it’s just filled on a hand-held camera and the presenter is in plainclothes, it’s important that what organizations are striving for actually will connect with viewers.

Creating a clear, crisp and timely message is as critical to crowdfunding as it is any other application of video communication. The easier it is to view a message and the higher its quality, the more likely users are to stick with it and see the entire thing through.

TelecomTV stated that this initiative is likely to push the entire video for business market all the way to nearly $29 billion over the next five years. Companies understand that throughput and streaming media delivery are essential to their viewership. Consistency is also critical in retaining audiences. So it makes sense that businesses would want to spend more on networks, portals, platforms and other tools that optimize the individual viewing experience.

Most of all, that means targeting the multichannel, multiscreen environment. As more people move to smartphones and tablets and their primary technology, video communication will need to follow suit. This could be a challenge for some companies, but those who overcome the issues are likely to see a major success in terms of audience interest and retention.

It may seem like a brute force solution, but as some companies have shown, simply spamming content can increase its visibility. Of course, it’s important that the messages included therein are as compelling as possible, or else such a course of action could actually prove detrimental to enterprise success.

Video for business needs to focus on quality and quantity to create optimal penetration rates. It also has to offer a reason for viewers to watch content all the way through, as well as share content either online or with others in the same organization. The more proliferate a message becomes, the easier it is for firms to find return on investment in these endeavors.

More than that, it’s easy to encourage better employee retention and customer engagement when there’s a strong, positive image of the organization in each person’s mind. Online Video reported that Dollar Shave Club could be an ideal example for companies looking to achieve this level of success.

The source highlighted how catchy, sarcastic and appealing the ads from this corporations have been consistently, creating a strong image of the firm in people’s minds. Not only is the product and service offering interesting to people, it’s the way that it’s presented that make the company stand out from the rest of the online noise.

Trying for a bigger audience helps companies at least strive for more reach. With the right kind of deployment, video communication can increase visibility and consumer knowledge of a brand encourage them to find out more or at least remember the name of a company. This effort all adds up over time, resulting in more successful content delivery and implementation.