October 3, 2012


3 ways to make the most of an enterprise video program

By Kevin Crayton – VP of Product Management

Developing an enterprise video strategy can enable businesses to engage their employees and improve the quality of meetings. In turn, processes can be completed more efficiently, and companies can generate more revenue. However, this goal of a return on investment from video is dependent on using the technology well. a few best practices can help companies derive profit from the enterprise video platform.

Get everybody involved
One of the worst things you can do when working to get employees to embrace video is to restrict who has the ability to use it. If video stays exclusively within the hands of CEOs, the average employee is likely to feel as if it is just another top-down mandate he or she is forced to deal with. This can create resentment within an organization, especially if busy workers find themselves thinking that video is just getting in their way.

Conversely, businesses can use video to enable their workers to create content that is relevant to other employees. This helps employees connect with one another in a meaningful way and understand how their efforts impact other areas of operations. This engages workers, and can contribute to productivity gains.

Consider it critical
In most cases, video is not deployed for mission-critical functions. However, when companies focus on areas where video is critical, such as hosting important meetings with partners, the technology can deliver considerable results. Using video for advanced virtual meetings cuts down on travel costs while enhancing the benefits of the actual meeting. This can prove invaluable for businesses, and delivers a considerable return on investment.

Focus on technology
One of the most substantial challenges when turning to video is ensuring consistent content delivery on the enterprise network. If this issue is not overcome, many workers will likely ignore the content. Few people have patience for video content that does not load properly. If you want to ensure a good return on investment from video, you have to put the necessary resources into network solutions that will ensure consistent delivery.

When choosing the right network option for video, it is generally best to choose a technology designed for the media format, not just a broad WAN optimization solution. One of the best solutions available is an enterprise delivery network that offers multicasting and other advanced capabilities.

– Kevin